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32 Commits (e3ffcc084d1dc4d204d6153849d6780990e6e9b5)

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Andreas Jaeger e3ffcc084d Cleanup py27 support 2 years ago
xuqihou 990c3ef227 Remove log translations 6 years ago
Boden R f294b2b349 Use neutron-lib portbindings api-def 6 years ago
Gary Kotton d950f625ea Use the new neutron manager 6 years ago
qinchunhua 266661594d Fix dict.keys() PY3 compatible 6 years ago
Ofer Ben-Yacov 483109a9f3 enabling L2GW to work with DVR 6 years ago
vikas af5c24232e delete stale ovsdb table entries from mysql db 7 years ago
vikas b0b5431d9c create Vxlan tunnels from ESXi compute node 7 years ago
Gary Kotton 8b3fee8fd4 L2GW: make use of neutron_lib constants 7 years ago
Gary Kotton e0d4545710 Switch to internal _i18n pattern, as per oslo_i18n guidelines 7 years ago
Maruti 6dc23d5f3f Service driver support in L2gw for south bound 7 years ago
Phani Pawan 2702c5a342 Fix for Ucast Mac Remote deletion after switch is deleted 7 years ago
Phani Pawan 509bf97107 Fix for Logical Switch not getting deleted 7 years ago
Henry Gessau 73c856dec4 Import oslo_messaging instead of oslo.messaging 7 years ago
armando-migliaccio d4f5606c0e Switch to new oslo library names 8 years ago
Phani Pawan a58a8d800d Fix for writing correct ovsdb identifier 8 years ago
Manjunath Patil b9982add08 Recreation of tunnels and exception handling when adding vm port 8 years ago
Maruti bb70491207 Retry logic for insert/delete/update MAC failures 8 years ago
preeti-mirji e666dbac1e Deactivating the switch doesnot delete l2gw-conn 8 years ago
Maruti ed895ebcef L2gw to support VM migration 8 years ago
Manjunath Patil 4081add0b8 Fix for L2Gateway fails if OVSDB has pre-populated 8 years ago
Maruti e31d4a80e8 ucast_macs and physical_locators deletion problem 8 years ago
vikas 91214d2bc7 port_fault_status and switch_fault_status 8 years ago
Manjunath Patil 10b35464c4 Fix for NoneType Exeception handling 8 years ago
vikas a1338e224b Changing the log imports 8 years ago
Phani Pawan 4bb2002edc L2Gateway Service Plugin RPC Implementation 8 years ago
Maruti 3d9fec0c33 Movement of OVSDB models to db directory 8 years ago
Phani Pawan 79dc418b0c L2Gateway Service Plugin 8 years ago
Manjunath Patil fce1ea47d6 L2Gateway DB Models for OVSDB Hardware_vtep Schema 8 years ago