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  OpenDev Sysadmins bc7265ead0 OpenDev Migration Patch 1 month ago
  Itsuro Oda 984f2d510a cleanup unplugged ports 1 year ago
  Itsuro Oda ad6fcb7937 make resart agent unnecessary 1 year ago
  Itsuro Oda 72f4fb97ab replace lagopus.dsl when lagopus configuration changed 1 year ago
  Itsuro Oda df38d2345f add some devstack parameters 1 year ago
  Itsuro Oda fce17a53d0 refactor vhost and pipe management 1 year ago
  Zuul 44dbe3d1fe Merge "use systemd for lagopus" 1 year ago
  Itsuro Oda a703e18f00 use systemd for lagopus 1 year ago
  Zuul 67e0e9b191 Merge "use vhostuser client" 1 year ago
  Itsuro Oda 3a2a832909 use vhostuser client 1 year ago
  Itsuro Oda 031497db1f add a necessary package for building DPDK 1 year ago
  Itsuro Oda bf2a2582ad make robust against error 1 year ago
  Hirofumi Ichihara 3742a770c7 Add a unit test for lagopus_lib 1 year ago
  Zuul 7fb7993a1a Merge "adapt to neutron_lib" 1 year ago
  Hirofumi Ichihara 6df5472e9f Fix devstack plugin 1 year ago
  Itsuro Oda b61d857d8f adapt to neutron_lib 1 year ago
  Hirofumi Ichihara 7a3e4e2daf Fix unbind nic in devstack plugin 1 year ago
  Itsuro Oda 2859b3f61a make restart robust 1 year ago
  Itsuro Oda 4d94a5655e use systemd to start/stop lagopus 1 year ago
  Itsuro Oda b127bc4888 add change dir 1 year ago
  Itsuro Oda baa2ab26c6 add necessary config import 1 year ago
  Hirofumi Ichihara 12f143cce2 Intial Framework for networking-lagopus 1 year ago
  Hirofumi Ichihara c8567bdeeb Initial Cookiecutter Commit. 1 year ago
  OpenStack Project Creator 6bd3cc4a74 Added .gitreview 1 year ago