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Updated readme for 2009-rc0

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Naveen Joy 10 months ago
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@ -605,28 +605,57 @@ we will be increasing the coverage of the unit tests, as well as
enhancing the types of system/integration tests that we run, e.g.
negative testing, compatibility testing, etc.
What's new in the 20.05.1 release?
What's new in the 20.09-rc0 release?
In the 20.05.1 release,
In this release we've,
- We've added OpenStack Train release compatibility.
- Enhanced the type-driver to support pluggable network types by
providing a framework that loads and registers any network type with
networking-vpp. Converted network types to stevedore drivers.
Loaded drivers are now configurable (with network type == entry
point name), and loads them.
- We've optimized GPE VNI allocation in the Neutron DB. Instead of storing
the entire range of GPE VNIs, the GPE type-driver now dynamically
computes a valid VNI at network creation time and stores only the allocated
VNIs in Neutron DB.
- Fixed RuntimeError: dictionary changed size during iteration
when processing the subport/trunk port relationship.
- We've made corrections to GPE APIs. All of the GPE API changes could not
be tested for correctness in the previous release due to various issues.
We've added a patch that makes the necessary GPE API fixes.
- Removed read_timeout parameter for VPP connect API.
- We've changed the API to create sub-interfaces. The new API call "create_subif"
will keep the original behavior, but will add the support for Q-in-Q (i.e
inner & outer VLAN Tags).
- Brought hacking up to spec. Our earlier version of hacking was ancient,
and it loaded a pep8 check that is both very inconsistent in reporting
errors and had weaker constraints.
- We've made TaaS fixes to support network type changes in the 20.05 release.
- Fixed DHCP bridge cleanup failure. The ML2 agent failed to cleanup DHCP
bridges intermittently, leaving behind several bridges on the system
over a period of time.
- Removed Six as it is Python 2 and 3 compatibility. It is no longer
needed now that we're purely py3.
- Cleaned up asynchronous event related code as the ML2 agent uses
synchronous mode API calls and it does not solicit any async
notifications/events from VPP.
- Cleaned up compat to stop importing things that no longer need help because
they're consistent across all OpenStack versions. We support really Queens+
at this point.
- Fixed VXLAN GPE issues such as,
a) lisp l2 arp entry fails to delete.
b) no data flow across compute nodes due to incorrect lisp remote-mapping.
- Added several type annotations in, and modules.
- Simplified _to_acl_rule.
- Fixed dump-tags and dump-acls script.
- Fixed security group encodings. VPP 20.05 changed the API definition of
acl_add_replace() and its macip equivalent. Fixed to support it.
- Fixed a bug in IPv6 default route setting that produced the error,
TypeError: object of type 'IPv4Address' has no len().
- We've been doing the usual round of bug fixes, clean-ups and updates - the
code will work with VPP 20.05/20.05.1 releases, the OpenStack Train/Stein
releases & Python 3.
code will work with VPP 20.09, the OpenStack Ussuri/Train/Stein releases
& Python 3.