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  Zuul bf1af8f411 Merge "Add installation steps in doc" 3 weeks ago
  Huang Rui b021af8640 Add installation steps in doc 1 month ago
  OpenDev Sysadmins 954a677f13 OpenDev Migration Patch 2 months ago
  Zuul 6172becbf9 Merge "Drop mox requirement" 3 months ago
  Shu Juan Zhang 3d0b37db26 Adding Python3 support 3 months ago
  Charles Short 01164c8d73 Drop mox requirement 1 year ago
  Zuul 10d9a05934 Merge "Remove rpc_backend initialization in zVM neutron agent unit test" 3 months ago
  Shu Juan Zhang 4fde9b5450 Remove rpc_backend initialization in zVM neutron agent unit test 4 months ago
  PanYaLian 19b331e2d6 Conf and content changes for docs 3 months ago
  PanYaLian 6f68f12721 Add documation for networking-zvm 3 months ago
  jichenjc add568a478 add _host into get_device_details 11 months ago
  Huang Rui dcfeba9b2f update setup.cfg to install all zvm plugin modules 1 year ago
  yalian f06189428b Set device up event after the nic is coupled to vswitch 1 year ago
  yalian 5b61564976 use plugin common utils from neutron-lib 1 year ago
  yalian 34588fb045 The neutron.common.topics module was rehomed into neutron-lib 1 year ago
  yalian de26d48fcf Modify conf and fix bug about token_path 1 year ago
  yalian b3f64cb586 SSL support and requirement 1 year ago
  yalian 2c5bb128ed zvmconnector is a library that invoke zvmsdk API to enable cloud management 1 year ago
  Huang Rui 845b131200 use plugin constants from neutron-lib 1 year ago
  Huang Rui 34adeab3cb switch to zvm sdk 1 year ago
  Arundhati Surpur 1c3163b254 Removes unnecessary utf-8 encoding 1 year ago
  jichenjc 337f78d83d Add advanced network settings 2 years ago
  jichenjc 44fe74f2fd Add single vlan doc 2 years ago
  jichenjc 06ba4bc745 Add singleflat for neutron agent doc 2 years ago
  jichenjc ccd42f71b2 Adjust the doc looks 2 years ago
  jichenjc 9cddf56ba5 change README file content 2 years ago
  jichenjc 7ce8355fbb Remove _LW _LI _LE 2 years ago
  jichenjc 0f596801d2 Add handle 503 error from REST layer 2 years ago
  jichenjc 915d0a0bd2 Adopt community changes 2 years ago
  Bob Hansen 78c8d57d56 Neutron moved context from neutron to neutron_lib 2 years ago
  Anh Tran 07a6bf8a5b Remove unused logging import 2 years ago
  Boden R 6f4e21d421 Use neutron-lib portbindings api-def 2 years ago
  jichenjc 49e2510228 Bump xcat minimum version to latest 2 years ago
  Huang Shi Lin 4f615d0018 Fix option description 2 years ago
  Huang Rui db5c7a6faa fix zvm_xcat_ca_file type 2 years ago
  jichenjc 641c555f8a Use neutron lib instead neutron common code 2 years ago
  Jenkins 86da5fb913 Merge "Performance enhance to remove couple operation" 2 years ago
  jichenjc 879b4e46e8 Add version check for neutron agent start 2 years ago
  songqianxia cd9ee2b05d Performance enhance to remove couple operation 3 years ago
  jichenjc 407c108ace Fix a bug related to a function name 2 years ago
  jichenjc 8a8209a6d4 Add add_nics_to_user_direct function 2 years ago
  Jenkins 0ef16f8d88 Merge "Change zvm_xcat_username,zvm_xcat_password default" 2 years ago
  Henry Gessau f4b4cf61c6 Enable DeprecationWarning in test environments 2 years ago
  songqianxia 0154ce33d8 Fix the issue of the error for '_port_map' 2 years ago
  Jenkins 36c4c2d8ae Merge "Deal with unexpected response when finding exist nics" 2 years ago
  dongyan yang 8496c77f55 Use https with CA conf 2 years ago
  Huang Rui b6c785d971 Deal with unexpected response when finding exist nics 2 years ago
  jichenjc 9fd4e76ba7 Change zvm_xcat_username,zvm_xcat_password default 2 years ago
  jichenjc f279d4c3ae Add version functions 3 years ago
  Jenkins f0eefa7553 Merge "Before uncouple NIC to vswitch, check whether it has vswitch info first" 3 years ago