149 Commits (master)

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  Andreas Scheuring 8dfa83747d Use status_timeout when starting a partition 1 year ago
  Andreas Scheuring bbf4f71eea Pull full partition properties before powering on partition 1 year ago
  Andreas Scheuring 45b9e903ac Change how we retrieve host wwpns from block_device_mapping 1 year ago
  Andreas Scheuring 538030a03d Fail if instance is connected to a VLAN network 1 year ago
  Andreas Scheuring 07055fe19e Throw specific InvalidVIFTypeError on attach_nic 1 year ago
  Andreas Scheuring d0b5290a8f Add attach_nics method to PartitionInstance 1 year ago
  Andreas Scheuring ae261d2405 Fix confusing between block_device_mapping and _info 1 year ago
  Andreas Scheuring bc04ba1279 prep_for_spawn: remove unused params and make private 1 year ago
  Andreas Scheuring f05c21544a Add unittest for _get_partition_instance 1 year ago
  Andreas Scheuring a8d040c276 Remove redundant image check 1 year ago
  Andreas Scheuring 255d62a20b set_boot_properties does NOT take the bd anymore 1 year ago
  Andreas Scheuring 112c4cda58 Pass in block_device_info into PartitionInstance 1 year ago
  Andreas Scheuring 6d78828226 Add context to PartitionInstance 1 year ago
  Andreas Scheuring 2548d56f95 Create nic string for os-specific-params in PartitionInst class 1 year ago
  Andreas Scheuring d4a3e6a58b Change how we set the boot-os-specific-params for a nic 1 year ago
  Andreas Scheuring 7b038bc10a Extract new method get_nic_properties_dict 1 year ago
  Andreas Scheuring 443a1bd547 Transition to DPMVIF object 1 year ago
  Andreas Scheuring 3e57711742 Introduce DPMVIF object 1 year ago
  Andreas Scheuring eba768acca Move creation of boot properties into vm class 1 year ago
  Andreas Scheuring 8aef196ad4 Introduce Blockdevice object 1 year ago
  Andreas Scheuring bce9106265 Set_boot_properties retrieves boot-hba-uri on its own 1 year ago
  Andreas Scheuring a9c2c15fdd Retrieve boot_hba uri from hba object 1 year ago
  Andreas Scheuring a0c7b2bf6e Retrieve PartitionInstance via getter method 1 year ago
  Sreeram Vancheeswaran 1ba30f87af Fix the breaking change to ComputeDriver.spawn in nova-dpm 1 year ago
  Prabhat Ranjan 0b23d509e0 Remove loop_status_update function 1 year ago
  Prabhat Ranjan 8749bda96e No SQL parameter establish error 1 year ago
  Prabhat Ranjan fb4abd53d3 PowerOn of a partition in paused state not working 1 year ago
  Prabhat Ranjan 2c17a2f354 cpc_object_id is breaking in unit test 1 year ago
  Prabhat Ranjan 472aa01199 If HMC is up and CPC is down 1 year ago
  Prabhat Ranjan 4c23e0b0bc Instance delete always stops partition 1 year ago
  sreeteja b51945a05f Removal of max_instances config parameter 1 year ago
  Prabhat Ranjan dcf6bb6954 Several unit test cases are breaking with zhmcclient==0.14.0 1 year ago
  sreeteja 37e2ca4215 Min value of max_memory is been added 1 year ago
  Luong Anh Tuan bb24705cea Replace assertTrue(isinstance()) with assertIsInstance() 1 year ago
  Vu Cong Tuan e74ca0b7e9 Remove usage of parameter enforce_type 1 year ago
  sreeteja dbe45cf03f Added default value to the max_instances parameter of dpm.py 2 years ago
  Prabhat Ranjan 9b2dccbed8 Multi storage adapter support broken 2 years ago
  Juergen Leopold ff1b77f71a Handles exception in init_host() if CPC is not found 2 years ago
  Prabhat Ranjan f331120a63 get_available_nodes refresh handling is missing 2 years ago
  Prabhat Ranjan 3a9086eca4 Remove requests.packages.urllib3.disable_warnings() 2 years ago
  Prabhat Ranjan 0c66a91884 MaxMemoryExceededError uses max_processors value 2 years ago
  Prabhat Ranjan 3bb1595d1f Define proper exception instead of ValidationError 2 years ago
  Prabhat Ranjan c1d3edfb43 Change file name from test_utils.py to test_data.py 2 years ago
  Prabhat Ranjan fde3d2625a Change fake session from comman file test_utils.py 2 years ago
  Prabhat Ranjan ff1e8ed060 Boot from image fails without a clear error message 2 years ago
  Andreas Scheuring 335150cc7b guest tools: Fix layer2 configuration 2 years ago
  Prabhat Ranjan cc01b3bafb spawn is not checking if volume is a FC volume 2 years ago
  Juergen Leopold cb0074b90e Use caller-side string formatting for LOG calls 2 years ago
  Markus Zoeller 57221936dc Fix unit tests with oslo.config "enforce_type" setting 2 years ago
  Juergen Leopold 0d268dbe31 Renames function name to validate_host_conf() 2 years ago