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  Andreas Scheuring 0d444e7546 Execute docs job on python3 1 year ago
  Prabhat Ranjan c8d33369cd change unit test case for vm.py 2 years ago
  Prabhat Ranjan 8b2f9188fb Fix functional test case failing 2 years ago
  loooosy 2d1dd433f7 Drop py34 target in tox.ini and setup.cfg 2 years ago
  Markus Zoeller 462956ba1f Docs: Add Release Notes 2 years ago
  Andreas Scheuring 8f82f0a442 Enable configfile autogeneration 2 years ago
  Tin Lam ce0676d3d8 Fix an issue where no test coverage report is created 2 years ago
  Andreas Scheuring 28a7038550 Install stable zhmcclient via requirements.txt 2 years ago
  preethipy d3947259fc Update code to python 34,35 compatible 2 years ago
  preethipy 00c646ab77 Devstack setup for nova-dpm 2 years ago
  preethipy 83c2926d1c Initial Cookiecutter Commit 2 years ago