An OpenStack Compute driver for LXD
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nova-lxd Build Status

An OpenStack Compute driver for managing containers using LXD.

nova-lxd on Devstack

For development purposes, nova-lxd provides a devstack plugin. To use it, just include the following in your devstack local.conf:

enable_plugin nova-lxd

# You should enable the following if you use lxd 3.0.
# In addition, this setting requires zfs >= 0.7.0.

Change git repositories as needed (it’s probably not very useful to point to the main nova-lxd repo). If you have a local tree you’d like to use, you can symlink your tree to /opt/stack/nova-lxd and do your development from there.

The devstack default images come cirros LXD, you can still download Ubuntu. Once your stack is up and you’ve configured authentication against your devstack, do the following::

glance image-create --name bionic-amd64 --disk-format raw --container-format bare --file bionic-server-cloudimg-amd64-root.tar.xz

Support and discussions

We use the LXC mailing-lists for developer and user discussions, you can find and subscribe to those at:

If you prefer live discussions, some of us also hang out in #lxcontainers on

Bug reports

Bug reports can be filed at