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  OpenDev Sysadmins 2a2d8ee410 OpenDev Migration Patch 2 months ago
  Zuul 4b442e039a Merge "Add a Apache-2.0 License to the base dir" 8 months ago
  Dirk Mueller 6f713eae2e Add a Apache-2.0 License to the base dir 9 months ago
  huang.zhiping 57b9ebb14e fix tox python3 overrides 1 year ago
  jichenjc 41494b0fe2 Fix uuidsentinel 8 months ago
  Doug Hellmann ec4125f767 uncap eventlet 1 year ago
  jichenjc e26ae01680 Enhance doc 1 year ago
  nafei yang 5bf2b8b875 Fix instance delete bug 1 year ago
  SharpRazor b44d5d70e1 Add token configuration item 1 year ago
  Sean McGinnis 1edd1bfb46 Remove mox from requirements 1 year ago
  SharpRazor 6e0d114546 set up ca file configuration in drver 1 year ago
  Huang Rui 77e5cfa112 Add reboot instance driver method 1 year ago
  nafei yang ddbcd6cfac Snapshot support 1 year ago
  Huang Rui 56ce25c969 fix typos when call guest soft stop 1 year ago
  Huang Rui 73eb5e857d update zvm_connector_url to URIopt 1 year ago
  Huang Rui fab7a6c77e Add vm power action driver methods and get console output 1 year ago
  Huang Rui 369b0b1674 switch from xcat backend to smut backend 1 year ago
  jichenjc 9704803789 Adopt changes for upstream 511879 1 year ago
  Huang Rui f47a2f73d8 fix zvm driver.get_info 1 year ago
  jichenjc 5132925953 Modify some wording about introduction 1 year ago
  jichenjc 77a39d8632 Add zuul status and flow 1 year ago
  jichenjc 2355bb6280 Adjust topo information and CI doc 1 year ago
  jichenjc 4183ea5a76 Adjust document to reflect latest update 1 year ago
  jichenjc 4e283994bd Add doc for additional CI information 1 year ago
  jichenjc be4a16a300 Remove generate conf file temply 1 year ago
  jichenjc cc771fd9d1 eventlet support 1 year ago
  Huang Rui 6fea79d689 switch to sdk 1 year ago
  libing 9887de79eb Remove log translations 2 years ago
  jichenjc 9b7eb5310b pin sphinx = 1.5.6 2 years ago
  Jenkins 10a8411cb5 Merge "Add z/VM requirements for doc" 2 years ago
  Jenkins 42fe2b91d0 Merge "Add active engine guide" 2 years ago
  Jenkins 79e6b97a7d Merge "Add image guide for image requirements" 2 years ago
  Jenkins e7689e2062 Merge "Add additional doc for topo" 2 years ago
  jichenjc df5add1e14 avoid raise error log when update image failed 2 years ago
  jichenjc c17d2a93e4 Add z/VM requirements for doc 2 years ago
  jichenjc 09ff8e5646 Add active engine guide 2 years ago
  Jenkins 66a40cef68 Merge "Add doc enhancement for arch picture as topo" 2 years ago
  Jenkins a50acb875d Merge "Add more info into README" 2 years ago
  Jenkins 16fe34c178 Merge "Add doc for contributing" 2 years ago
  jichenjc 94b47c40f9 Add image guide for image requirements 2 years ago
  jichenjc 28785ee1c0 Add additional doc for topo 2 years ago
  jichenjc 5d0a448c40 Add doc enhancement for arch picture as topo 2 years ago
  jichenjc e81da07191 Fix log debug error 2 years ago
  Jenkins 905f047cbd Merge "honor zvm_default_admin_userid" 2 years ago
  Jenkins 2ee6503290 Merge "deprecate zvm_user_default_password" 2 years ago
  jichenjc 39b3743ec9 Add doc for contributing 2 years ago
  jichenjc 6e7ad7a719 Add more info into README 2 years ago
  Yi Chun Huang 788bd4749d Will not reraise error out when destroying a failed instance 2 years ago
  jichenjc 32b35e7e42 honor zvm_default_admin_userid 2 years ago
  jichenjc 6e9210d7c1 deprecate zvm_user_default_password 2 years ago