194 Commits (master)

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  OpenDev Sysadmins 41387bf09d OpenDev Migration Patch 1 month ago
  Adam Spiers 42bb0c53e3 NovaEvacuate: fix a syntax error 1 year ago
  Zuul 1102662aad Merge "NovaEvacuate: Allow debug logging to be turned on easily" 1 year ago
  Zuul a655cffbc3 Merge "neutron-ha-tool: do not replicate dhcp" 1 year ago
  Andrew Beekhof d46f78fda4 NovaEvacuate: Support the new split-out IHA fence agents with backwards compatibility 1 year ago
  Andrew Beekhof 7d61c3b0b2 NovaEvacuate: Correctly handle stopped hypervisors 2 years ago
  Mate Lakat 08b85da715 neutron-ha-tool: do not replicate dhcp 2 years ago
  Vincent Untz fe84d75954 NovaCompute: Support parsing host option from /etc/nova/nova.conf.d 2 years ago
  Vincent Untz 7a01081e73 NovaCompute: Use variable to avoid calling crudini a second time 2 years ago
  Andrew Beekhof 5b5c080a0b Ensure nova-compute unfences itself after starting 2 years ago
  Jenkins 597077ea03 Merge "Extract the nova wait functionality into its own agent" 2 years ago
  Andrew Beekhof 9c635bfe34 Extract the nova wait functionality into its own agent 3 years ago
  Andrew Beekhof b2197fcc13 NovaEvacuate: Allow debug logging to be turned on easily 3 years ago
  Andrew Beekhof 4f2c49d7ba NovaEvacuate should use the existing status operation 3 years ago
  Dirk Mueller 3d724a29a9 Relicense to Apache-2.0 3 years ago
  Adam Spiers fff75c5eb4 neutron-ha-tool: fix monitor return code 3 years ago
  Jenkins 51748eb269 Merge "neutron-ha-tool: make start action retry" 3 years ago
  Adam Spiers 75dcff3b9d Clarify risks of not using shared storage 3 years ago
  Adam Spiers a0451cbf57 neutron-ha-tool: make start action retry 3 years ago
  Jenkins 734f5f4e60 Merge "Fix neutron-ha-tool for active/passive usage" 3 years ago
  Adam Spiers 8ea5709572 Update support email address to "new" OpenStack list 3 years ago
  Adam Spiers 32348b3a11 os_password is no longer a mandatory option 3 years ago
  Adam Spiers 8bf05cdc53 Update neutron-ha-tool's description to reference new upstream 3 years ago
  Adam Spiers 35282eb288 NovaEvacuate: fix comment in header 3 years ago
  Adam Spiers 34447f8fa8 Fix neutron-ha-tool for active/passive usage 3 years ago
  Jenkins 04051d7bb6 Merge "neutron-ha-tool: add os_region_name parameter" 3 years ago
  Adam Spiers a78003ee1c neutron-ha-tool: add os_region_name parameter 4 years ago
  Adam Spiers d9eeb2f133 neutron-ha-tool: fix 'defaut' typo 4 years ago
  Norbert Illes a0b55d3329 Add bashate version >=0.5.0 as test dependency 3 years ago
  Norbert Illes fa93525cea Temporary ignore bashate E006 errors 3 years ago
  Norbert Illes 98a54ad759 Fix bashate E006 violations 3 years ago
  Jenkins b64bdae693 Merge "Add .tox/ directory to .gitignore" 3 years ago
  Adam Spiers 2126e8bbc3 Add .tox/ directory to .gitignore 3 years ago
  Adam Spiers 1d019f5f73 Fix bashate E010 violation 3 years ago
  Norbert Illes 173a77cec8 Fix bashate E003 violations 3 years ago
  Jenkins 076ae60516 Merge "Fix bashate E002 violations" 3 years ago
  Norbert Illes 4397355193 Fix bashate E002 violations 3 years ago
  Norbert Illes ad9cefd1d6 Fix bashate E001 violations 3 years ago
  Norbert Illes 6ad8eb01ae Move syntax-check test to tox.ini 3 years ago
  Norbert Illes e7672a0aa9 Add tox.ini configuration to run bashate tests 3 years ago
  Vincent Untz 25c306755f NovaCompute: Clarify comment when there's no evacuate attribute 3 years ago
  Jenkins 807c45f376 Merge "NovaEvacuate: Do not use reboot action for fence_compute" 3 years ago
  Vincent Untz 9df293dcb1 Add insecure and region_name parameters to NovaCompute and NovaEvacuate 3 years ago
  Jenkins f178723d40 Merge "NovaCompute: Call "fence_compute -o on" after evacuation" 3 years ago
  Jenkins 29c9e6d0eb Merge "NovaEvacuate: Add domain parameter" 3 years ago
  Jenkins 312fd78942 Merge "NovaCompute: Fix loop on start checking for evacuate attribute" 3 years ago
  Norbert Illes b1266c77dd Remove Keystone dependency from neutron-server RA 3 years ago
  Jenkins a756a909a1 Merge "NovaCompute, NovaEvacuate: Add missing content in username description" 3 years ago
  Vincent Untz 143864c694 NovaEvacuate: Avoid initial useless message on stderr 3 years ago
  Jenkins be881571a4 Merge "NovaEvacuate: Fix typo when fetching all evacuate attributes" 3 years ago