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  Miguel Angel Ajo 6b87af03cd Add functional test for var log messages and enhance functional script 6 months ago
  Miguel Angel Ajo 222bb2a984 Create and enable funcional testing 6 months ago
  Miguel Angel Ajo 20645e4f9a Making sure we're ready for python3 6 months ago
  Miguel Angel Ajo e518ac9bc7 Add Apache license headers to the .py files 6 months ago
  Monty Taylor 44d81d873e
Stop setting version manually 9 months ago
  Matthew Booth 9dd538d2e8 Parse message logs containining timestamps with microseconds 1 year ago
  Miguel Angel Ajo e08b086914 Enable py27 and py35 unit testing 1 year ago
  Miguel Angel Ajo 5193d0010e Setup tox.ini for unit and pep8 testing 1 year ago
  Miguel Angel Ajo 809bb6add3 Python 3.x compatibility 1 year ago
  Matthew Booth c9e5f14026 Make iter(LogFile) return an independent generator 1 year ago
  Matthew Booth 4583d5c340 Add --default-tz 1 year ago
  Matthew Booth e73a2a35b2 Fix incorrect auto-detection as timestamp log 1 year ago
  Matthew Booth 1c6d22503d Delete some dead code 1 year ago
  Matthew Booth 1a31f79327 Add auto-detect parser for raw syslog 1 year ago
  Matthew Booth 1be8b23dfc Add auto-detect parser for libvirt domain logs 1 year ago
  Matthew Booth 11e139a706 Allow zero positional arguments 1 year ago
  Matthew Booth 06de0ba054 Implement format auto-detection 1 year ago
  Matthew Booth 27599915cb Refactor log parsing into separate parser classes 1 year ago
  Matthew Booth f2be96fe6a Always merge sort input files with heapq.merge 1 year ago
  Miguel Angel Ajo 5b9c82746b Bump version to 1.1.0 for release 2 years ago
  Ihar Hrachyshka 881b6fd359 Guard against all exceptions when processing a line 2 years ago
  Ihar Hrachyshka 733b98a8ec Guard against null-strings in lines 2 years ago
  Miguel Angel Ajo f39e434d99 Fix variable size timestamp for OS LogEntry 3 years ago
  Miguel Angel Ajo 6086787765 Remove README.rst from datafiles to avoid warnings in pip 3 years ago
  Miguel Angel Ajo e901627f16 Updated netprobe, and added netprobe.log to auto alias 3 years ago
  Miguel Angel Ajo 7eb4f383db Added a new probe: netprobe 3 years ago
  Gorka Eguileor ef9b9bd54f Fix #7: Add support for timestamped logs 3 years ago
  Gorka Eguileor 8c3ae25c17 Add Support /var/log/messages type of logs 3 years ago
  Gorka Eguileor 8ec77f229d Fix #23: auto alias with absolute paths 3 years ago
  Gorka Eguileor 610c23d389 Fix #22: duplicated auto generated aliases 3 years ago
  Gorka Eguileor de87c7e08a Fix #21: KeyError with auto alias level >= 2 3 years ago
  Gorka Eguileor 50f1564adb Fix #19: Empty output with -m option 3 years ago
  Gorka Eguileor 546a34ff09 Fix #13: Don't modify datetime format on output 3 years ago
  Gorka Eguileor 93d7d89017 Fix pep8 errors 3 years ago
  Gorka Eguileor 8459bad993 Optionally reduce memory footprint 3 years ago
  Gorka Eguileor f7289fb629 Fix #11: Add auto alias generation 3 years ago
  Gorka Eguileor 97513f8c4e Fix #9: Remove dependency from oslo_config 3 years ago
  Miguel Angel Ajo Pelayo 8b914bd9e4 Do not append slash to logbase 3 years ago
  Miguel Angel Ajo Pelayo 6b4d5f4aa5 Introduced log-base and log-postfix options 3 years ago
  Miguel Angel Ajo 8771e03c13 Add missing example scripts from RDO day presentation 3 years ago
  Miguel Angel Ajo db9527b3d4 Ignore initial non-dated lines 3 years ago
  Miguel Angel Ajo 183efe3b13 Support for URLS instead of local log files, simple caching. 3 years ago
  Miguel Angel Ajo cda7f90f16 More robust processing of out of order log lines 3 years ago
  Miguel Angel Ajo 3ea3ead668 Initial commit 3 years ago