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  Sean McGinnis 126bd4af7f
Retire repo and note new content in openstack/osops 1 week ago
  jiasirui b74cbb8e33 fix the spelling mistakes 1 year ago
  Mohammed Naser 67c7d0b951 osa: add tool to cleanup host 1 year ago
  Mohammed Naser 6dea19b539 heat: add cleanup_stacks 1 year ago
  OpenDev Sysadmins 7437df6ec0 OpenDev Migration Patch 1 year ago
  Simon Leinen a7e8010598 Handle SHELVED_OFFLOADED and VERIFY_RESIZE states 3 years ago
  Jenkins 6d676efe83 Merge "Lint the lampstack apply role" 3 years ago
  Jared King 82ad72f239 add net_blame.sh, which finds the top instances on a net node 3 years ago
  Jenkins d6f791807f Merge "nova-libvirt-compare.py: compare Nova state to hypervisor state" 3 years ago
  Maciej Józefczyk 35ac7be514 Add cold stop, cold start, cold restart to dhcp_agents_balancer.py 3 years ago
  Saverio Proto 24e0bff88c nova-libvirt-compare.py: compare Nova state to hypervisor state 3 years ago
  Saverio Proto cc3ed99079 l3-agent-evacuate.py: evacuate a network node 3 years ago
  Sławek Kapłoński 38a70fda49 Add script to balance load of Neutron DHCP agents 3 years ago
  Jenkins 29c5746658 Merge "Add a trystack env variable file" 3 years ago
  David Moreau-Simard c883416f58 Add a trystack env variable file 3 years ago
  David Moreau-Simard 377f414614 Fix typo in security group description 3 years ago
  Jenkins 123e5f0fc3 Merge "Lint the lampstack wordpress role" 3 years ago
  David Moreau-Simard 26bce3b9df Lint the lampstack wordpress role 3 years ago
  Daniela Ebert 6e53420185 Catch up the flavor from config file instead of {{openstack_flavors[0].id}} 3 years ago
  David Moreau-Simard b6283002b0 Lint the lampstack apply role 3 years ago
  Jenkins dc46a8c64d Merge "Allow usage of Fedora24" 3 years ago
  Jenkins ebd0df88b9 Merge "Decrease the verbosity level" 3 years ago
  Jenkins 88ebbcf77f Merge "use kubeadm to reduce complexity of installing k8s" 3 years ago
  Daniel Mellado 14adb962cd Decrease the verbosity level 3 years ago
  Ghe Rivero 597ec42e30 Add tox environement for ansible check syntax 3 years ago
  Jenkins 2e0619c1fd Merge "Fix undefined wp variables" 3 years ago
  Ghe Rivero b2ed095b1e Fix undefined wp variables 3 years ago
  Jean-Daniel Bonnetot 9e2132c9ba Changing the OVH flavor 3 years ago
  Jenkins 08443db0c7 Merge "Add HPE Helion OpenStack 4.0 config sample" 3 years ago
  Jenkins 9c78f78952 Merge "Add Open Telekom Cloud config example" 3 years ago
  Jenkins 022e9af3f7 Merge "Add livemigration helper for hypervisor maint" 3 years ago
  Jenkins f705fe74e3 Merge "ansible: support full offline use for lampstack" 3 years ago
  Ghe Rivero acfa318a7d Add HPE Helion OpenStack 4.0 config sample 3 years ago
  James Page d856841a87 ansible: support full offline use for lampstack 3 years ago
  Daniela Ebert c41bae2212 Add Open Telekom Cloud config example 3 years ago
  Daniel Mellado 1458afb4c6 Allow usage of Fedora24 4 years ago
  Xav Paice e4eb5582bb Add livemigration helper for hypervisor maint 3 years ago
  Jenkins f945a3ecd2 Merge "Add CI/CD terraform scripts" 3 years ago
  Jenkins 8ad2015099 Merge "Update apt cache before installing scsitools" 3 years ago
  Jenkins 7d1e03e140 Merge "Make lampstack work in config drive environments" 3 years ago
  Jenkins bf6ac2f618 Merge "Add support for public network name" 3 years ago
  Paul Czarkowski 9ee2e11c19 use kubeadm to reduce complexity of installing k8s 3 years ago
  Victor Morales 1d4aa339a9 Add CI/CD terraform scripts 3 years ago
  Luz Cazares 8ad712ee93 Add support for public network name 4 years ago
  Jenkins cd39e063d8 Merge "Adding OVH configuration for interop challenge" 4 years ago
  Mark T. Voelker 4d4514e2d2 Update apt cache before installing scsitools 4 years ago
  Mark T. Voelker ad24dc3e86 Make lampstack work in config drive environments 4 years ago
  Jean-Daniel Bonnetot 3dd2be1b53 Adding OVH configuration for interop challenge 4 years ago
  Daniel Mellado f426660f75 Split profile tox env 4 years ago
  Jenkins 6a073cfd9c Merge "Enable profile callback plugin" 4 years ago