Contributed Tools for OpenStack Operators
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This is not being tested on any deployment.

This repository is a location for Operators to upload useful scripts and tooling for the general Operating Community to use with their OpenStack Clouds.

This place is also untested and unverified.

For more details on how to contribute, please follow the Gerrit git-review process described at .

If you would like some curated, tested, and verified code please look to the osops-tools-generic repository.

Please see the wiki page at for more details about how code is promoted up to the generic repo.

Please remember USE AT YOUR OWN RISK.

The nova/ directory has useful tools and scripts for nova.

The glance/ directory has useful tools and scripts for glance.

The neutron/ directory has useful tools and scripts for neutron.

The multi/ directory is a tool that crosses multiple projects.


All contributions will be licensed under the Apache 2.0 License unless you state otherwise. Please see the LICENSE file for details about the Apache 2.0 License.