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  OpenDev Sysadmins 19576800fb OpenDev Migration Patch 2 months ago
  Davide Panarese e2275cbf6d Review uuid verification method 5 months ago
  Vieri 73953ddb5e Update min tox version to 2.0 7 months ago
  mathieu 507e2cb80b Fix missed variable rename 'object' 1 year ago
  Andrey Kurilin 609986f5f0 Add script for monitoring resource utilization of VMs 1 year ago
  Jenkins f29c3c30f5 Merge "Refactoring Neutron Orphan Scripts" 2 years ago
  Robert Putt 0b0d2ad937 Refactoring Neutron Orphan Scripts 2 years ago
  Jake Yip b8ea5fd26d Remove compute_node_stats from list of tables to manage 2 years ago
  Pierre Riteau 495cf7bc77 Fix typo in comment 2 years ago
  Jenkins d2c0c1522c Merge "show all instance ip addresses" 2 years ago
  Jenkins 678d948361 Merge "handle nova servers with spaces in the name" 2 years ago
  Joshua Harlow 6a55f43c2d Add a queue cleaner that will clean selected queues only 2 years ago
  Simon Leinen df055acc61 Avoid passing backslashes in SQL snippets 3 years ago
  Marcus Furlong 5d22b9b499 show all instance ip addresses 3 years ago
  Marcus Furlong 0b849f430a handle nova servers with spaces in the name 3 years ago
  Marcus Furlong 6492a37e76 add dryrun and quiet options 3 years ago
  Jenkins 117d47ca31 Merge "Add a bash script to show CPU details" 3 years ago
  Edgar Magana a83408cbf3 Add a bash script to show CPU details 3 years ago
  Matt Fischer cd7a51a1fe Change neutron agent states on boxes with ansible 3 years ago
  Jenkins 2a0a1d90de Merge "Update README with details on how to contribute to curated repo." 3 years ago
  Simon Leinen 495b081f7f Region support for Neutron scripts 3 years ago
  Mike Dorman 93b9f40c7f Update README with details on how to contribute to curated repo. 3 years ago
  Peter Jenkins a48fc6e758 Update aut-fix-quota tool for Juno 3 years ago
  Peter Jenkins 6c67ad007e Fix tons of bashate issues for bug 1534660 3 years ago
  Christian Berendt b9da55d0f8 Cleanup errors in shell scripts identified by bashate 3 years ago
  Nick Jones f243b8c739 Address performance issues with listorphans.py script 3 years ago
  Jenkins a93d2ddbad Merge "Add option for pt-archiver --nosafe-auto-increment flag" 3 years ago
  Jenkins 2f2635dd00 Merge "Support for archiving additional nova tables" 3 years ago
  Kurt Payne feb571c985 Add a dry-run flag. Fix inconsistency with 'list' and 'delete' orphans 3 years ago
  Jenkins b2d3a35790 Merge "Initial commit of listorphans.py script" 3 years ago
  Nick Jones d221811d03 Initial commit of listorphans.py script 3 years ago
  Christian Berendt fb9a96f11e bashate: do not check contrib directory 3 years ago
  Mike Dorman 740d675188 Add option for pt-archiver --nosafe-auto-increment flag 3 years ago
  Christian Berendt 281f4fd277 Add bashate test environment for shell scripts 3 years ago
  Mike Dorman 08ea1010d9 Support for archiving additional nova tables 3 years ago
  Jenkins 7ebc34fef0 Merge "Add options to specify credentials on db archive scripts" 3 years ago
  Jenkins 2f6d7c4ca9 Merge "Add link to DreamCompute tools" 3 years ago
  Mike Dorman ad56eb75ea Add .gitreview file 3 years ago
  David Wahlstrom 27ff244f6d Add link to DreamCompute tools 3 years ago
  Mike Dorman 47f275d3ca Add options to specify credentials on db archive scripts 3 years ago
  David Wahlstrom 61aa8bde33 orphaned_volumes.sh: initial commit 3 years ago
  David Wahlstrom 49810e77fd orphaned_vms.sh: initial commit 3 years ago
  Joe Topjian 8fc31fa5f3 Merge pull request #7 from matthewfischer/master 3 years ago
  Matt Fischer a02d87377c Add a simple ghost VM finder 3 years ago
  Mike Dorman 09e7902401 Merge pull request #6 from aaronorosen/master 4 years ago
  Aaron Rosen 70fbf8e9d4 Add delete_orphan_floatingips script 4 years ago
  Joe Topjian 5195a40d51 Merge pull request #5 from markvoelker/master 4 years ago
  Mark T. Voelker 4b498a6077 Add link to CERN ops tools 4 years ago
  Mike Dorman b1fabdc136 Merge pull request #4 from simonmcc/quota-correction 4 years ago
  Simon McCartney 2802420b32 Scripts used to correct the quota database 4 years ago