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  ricolin 07d307b5a8 Update test requirement 2 years ago
  Denis Makogon 3a10acd212 Rename middleware package to be more explicit about its purpose 2 years ago
  Denis Makogon 60a39fec35 Middleware and Notification examples 2 years ago
  Denis Makogon 1157060ce6 Add topic related to private and public functions 2 years ago
  Derek Schultz b3c5aa1b8d docs: fix more broken links 2 years ago
  Denis Makogon 52a2129e83 Fixing links from iron-io to openstack GitHub orgs 2 years ago
  Jenkins d8f978e139 Merge "update local.conf for devstack" 2 years ago
  Derek Schultz 8b28d214ab update local.conf for devstack 2 years ago
  Denis Makogon 84c6a5f2fb Fix service name in enabled service check 2 years ago
  Derek Schultz 1f0b8e2694 Merge pull request #40 from iron-io/docs-remove-serverless 2 years ago
  Derek Schultz cfddc4174b remove serverless 2 years ago
  Derek Schultz 88a7222aa3 Merge pull request #39 from iron-io/arch-docs 2 years ago
  Derek Schultz 00d34bc741 deployment architecture diagram update 2 years ago
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  Denis Makogon ef954d4250 Add .gitreview 2 years ago
  Derek Schultz 45af81accb Merge pull request #37 from iron-io/doc-updates 2 years ago
  Derek Schultz bba5377b43 uppercase dot md 2 years ago
  Derek Schultz 51664ba427 add link to testing doc 2 years ago
  Derek Schultz 4c55f10262 update testing doc 2 years ago
  Derek Schultz d21096e770 fix header 2 years ago
  Derek Schultz 5c558120ba remove hello-lambda example script 2 years ago
  Derek Schultz 514d85628f minor edits 2 years ago
  Derek Schultz afaf2d0c5a convert rst to md and minor edits 2 years ago
  Derek Schultz 52e8fae020 Merge pull request #36 from iron-io/slack-link 2 years ago
  Derek Schultz 55217a5d4a fix link to slack 2 years ago
  Derek Schultz b0a1820cc0 docs update (#32) 2 years ago
  Denis Makogon 9cab34130c Merge pull request #35 from denismakogon/master 2 years ago
  Denis Makogon 1adfd34754 Use newer version of python-functionsclient v0.0.3 2 years ago
  Derek Schultz 74b39ab3f1 Merge pull request #34 from iron-io/license 2 years ago
  Derek Schultz ffe7527980 update copyright on apache license 2 years ago
  Derek Schultz a4f56f94bc Merge pull request #33 from denismakogon/pbr 2 years ago
  Denis Makogon ba13e225b5 Use PBR for setup.py 2 years ago
  Derek Schultz c7f89ebb7e Merge pull request #26 from denismakogon/better-logging 2 years ago
  Derek Schultz 4efc71a2ad Merge pull request #29 from denismakogon/issue/20 2 years ago
  Derek Schultz 2981828da5 Merge pull request #27 from denismakogon/openstack-alarming 2 years ago
  Denis Makogon e1d8367d88 Issue #13: Improve logging in controllers 2 years ago
  Denis Makogon c089fbf6cf Introduce Aodh threshold alarming example 2 years ago
  Denis Makogon cbc157b396 Merge pull request #31 from denismakogon/bandit-security 2 years ago
  Denis Makogon 014f31342e Issue #17: Introduce Bandit static security checks 2 years ago
  Denis Makogon 43184a31a1 Merge pull request #28 from denismakogon/drop-confusing-code 2 years ago
  Denis Makogon b297146ea8 Issue #20: Keep devstack plugin in-tree 2 years ago
  Denis Makogon fd9224393c Cleanup controllers 2 years ago
  Denis Makogon bc5a57c133 Merge pull request #25 from denismakogon/consolidate 2 years ago
  Denis Makogon 560d7006ad Consolidate path retrieving from route 2 years ago
  Denis Makogon 6f6a5e6f46 Merge pull request #23 from denismakogon/issue/22 2 years ago
  Denis Makogon 262903983f Issue #24: Introduce app ownership validation in Runnable controller 2 years ago
  Denis Makogon 3bbe877b88 Issue #22: Make public route execution validation more strict 2 years ago
  Derek Schultz b9e2655336 Merge pull request #19 from denismakogon/openstack-app-sample 2 years ago