55 Commits (80812a918a6b94b2f9961733b44a7edf5b0877b6)

Author SHA1 Message Date
  tonytan4ever 80812a918a Add cafe_engine_config_file_path option for api test gate 3 years ago
  Isaac Mungai 57ecf44f72 testr doesnt support the --coverage-package-name option 3 years ago
  Isaac Mungai b450ee6e80 add coverage package name option to testr 3 years ago
  tonytan4ever 2140f6def0 Switching Poppy test to use ostestr (OpenStack Testr) 4 years ago
  Isaac Mungai 9d6bfd188e bugfix: hostname fix for call to ssl cert utils 4 years ago
  Isaac Mungai 32ef7e2d9e Unpin python-mock 4 years ago
  Isaac Mungai dd82ab71bb Fix skipped tests while running tox 4 years ago
  Ronald Bradford e9ce471c27 Remove use of Oslo Incubator local 4 years ago
  Ronald Bradford 5ad7b36e45 Graduate from Oslo Incubator to oslo.i18n 4 years ago
  Tony Tan a4426f8e36 fix: missing LC_ALL causing python file containing unicode to fail 4 years ago
  Janonymous c73c93947b Put py34 first in the env order of tox 4 years ago
  Ondřej Nový 90c21f09ab Deprecated tox -downloadcache option removed 4 years ago
  venkatamahesh c601d3ab8d Change repositories from stackforge to openstack 4 years ago
  Sriram Madapusi Vasudevan e43bd0447c rm: un-pin python-novaclient 4 years ago
  tonytan4ever 483e4e7ed0 Pin python-novaclient to fix API test 4 years ago
  amitgandhinz 0d08dfa66e Added Docker Files to mimic third party API's 5 years ago
  Sriram Madapusi Vasudevan 93eaad3e58 fix: pin mock to 1.0.1 5 years ago
  Anantha Arunachalam 1a8edc0c22 Added support for HostHeaderType and HostHeaderValue while creating the service. 5 years ago
  Obulpathi 7b3f03a804 Changes test runner from testr to nose 5 years ago
  Obulpathi ec669cbdc2 Changes from nose to testr 5 years ago
  Obulpathi e456804cc4 Adds PYTHONDONTWRITEBYTECODE option to tox.ini 5 years ago
  tonytan4ever 91aaf1830b - Getting the current file's path and join 5 years ago
  Obulpathi 9ba23456cd Makes running api tests via tox simpler 5 years ago
  amitgandhinz cfbfc3dc5e Removed unecessary builds in tox 5 years ago
  amitgandhinz 36e4b52222 Updated maxcdn references 5 years ago
  Obulpathi c64baeff90 Removes py26 environment from tox.ini 5 years ago
  amitgandhinz 9292baff3b User can now get services where the service name has an extension 5 years ago
  amitgandhinz b1252a71ec Fixed issue with running apidocker 5 years ago
  Malini Kamalambal 8a0e22fb60 Adds End To End Tests 5 years ago
  amitgandhinz 181bdbcba0 Added tox environment for running api tests using docker 5 years ago
  amitgandhinz 8091123422 Made the X-Project_ID header mandatory in Poppy 5 years ago
  Malini Kamalambal 7bf0deda03 Add API tests for get service endpoint 5 years ago
  Malini Kamalambal ddf4174b22 API Tests for Create Service endpoint 5 years ago
  Jeremy Stanley 9e83c2a091 Work toward Python 3.4 support and testing 5 years ago
  tonytan4ever 2ea3f39221 Add MaxCDN driver && unittest 5 years ago
  amitgandhinz 1146543147 adding docs 6 years ago
  Malini Kamalambal 0e160a42c4 Make API tests run via tox 5 years ago
  amitgandhinz 5ab42a4ae0 Fixing Gerrit Gating issues with Pep8 and Docs 6 years ago
  amitgandhinz 032ef14457 made tox pylint checking optional 6 years ago
  amitgandhinz 8daef25ef9 added pylint and cleaned up test-requirements 6 years ago
  amitgandhinz 31906801f8 updated tests to use poppy 6 years ago
  amitgandhinz f9d1c30bbb added pypy to tox 6 years ago
  amitgandhinz 6cd19a6b4f refactoring using github.com/rackerlabs/finding_dory manager concepts and base drivers 6 years ago
  Malini Kamalambal 7d77d5fc82 Exclude API tests from tox. 6 years ago
  amitgandhinz 911062a62d removed memcache ref that was not used and breaking py33 6 years ago
  amitgandhinz f2acc211a6 tox compatable 6 years ago
  amitgandhinz d4d6a63453 flake8 compatibility 6 years ago
  amitgandhinz 054b6934b8 fixing references 6 years ago
  amitgandhinz f4241be7f6 Initial Commit 6 years ago