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terryyao 7b84b07f0b move to use oslo.i18/utils/serialization
nova is switching to use oslo.i18n, oslo.utils, oslo.serialization with
nova.openstack.common removed some modules that has been replaced by the
ones from oslo.i18n, oslo.utils, oslo.serialization.

Closes-Bug: #1384039
Change-Id: I9fae9b61599a50b54fc40552b2c90fceb75d8522
2014-10-23 00:07:25 +08:00
Jenkins d2d4e304be Merge "Change lock device id from PowerVC-Lock to Lock" 2014-10-14 07:30:41 +00:00
Yi Ming Yin ce55c3df7c Change lock device id from PowerVC-Lock to Lock
In order to comply with local Openstack, change this value to more
general value "Lock"

Change-Id: I823392629ade0d98ead14bc814682f64da4a9745
Closes-Bug: #1380908
2014-10-14 14:50:37 +08:00
Jenkins 29047a3d2e Merge "Add/Remove/Modify vNIC post deployment Edit" 2014-09-30 05:31:11 +00:00
Jerry Cai fd05a48a19 Add/Remove/Modify vNIC post deployment Edit
User call the following hosting cli to add a vNIC with IP and port
    nova interface-attach --net-id {net_uuid} --fixed-ip {ipAddress}
PowerVC driver handle the request in the following driver method:
    def attach_interface(self, instance, image_meta, network_info):
then call the PowerVC restAPI to attach the interface to server.

User call the following hosting cli to remove a vNIC with port
    nova interface-detach <server-id> <port-id>
PowerVC driver handle the request in the following driver method:
    def detach_interface(self, instance, network_info):
then call the PowerVC restAPI to attach the interface to server.

Change-Id: If0ae14a86005da06dc35620c2af47f37112228d5
Closes-Bug: #1375132
2014-09-30 02:45:53 +08:00
Yi Ming Yin 6377129b22 Add new neutron port synchronization logic
According to new PowerVC neutron locked port logic, adding magic device
id to PowerVC neutron agent synchronization logic.

Change-Id: I4366cd91c31388a77e08848021afd202661bbed3
2014-09-20 22:02:21 +08:00
Jenkins eae4668ba3 Merge "Upstart process daemon scripts need to change." 2014-09-17 08:07:14 +00:00
Le Tian Ren 175cd1810d Upstart process daemon scripts need to change.
To adapt to new configuration files.

Check blueprint new-configuration-strategy-needed-to-adapt-to-oslo-messaging

Closes-Bug: 1370337
Change-Id: Ic8e624206490680de07827613d4474bac62686a9
(cherry picked from commit ba29f897db)
2014-09-17 07:48:14 +00:00
Le Tian Ren 0eefba3f77 Add support for multiple AMQP rpc backends
This is based on Oslo messaging API that supports RPC and notifications over a
number of different messsaging transports.

* remove old powervc.common.messaging and create a new one to adapt to Oslo

* adapt all sync service managers to new messaging model

Change-Id: I0c9b4a9fa5bb5d0eaac1433e768a110871d8dab8
Closes-Bug: 1363618
2014-09-16 17:53:08 +08:00
Le Tian Ren 05a8443e12 New config strategy to adapt to oslo-messaging
* Extract and remove --config-file amqp_openstack.conf(or
  amqp-openstack-neutron and --config-file amqp-powervc.conf from sys.argv to
  create 2 AMQP cfg.ConfigOpts objects without conflicting with other options
  parsing as before, particularly those OpenStack AMQP configurations in
  [DEFAULT] section of nova.conf, cinder.conf.

* adapt all affected code to the new config strategy

Implements: blueprint

Closes-Bug: 1356225
Change-Id: I61a4fd0c28148e31a8cb85acea3793f40028dfb4
2014-09-16 17:53:07 +08:00
Yi Ming Yin 66ac1ea035 Update powervc neutron agent to match new change.
neutron.common.config has changed setup_logging method signature.
powervc neutron agent code needs to be updated

Change-Id: Iab045cb3a42d8528c093006acf7e5cc0d3a2618d
Closes-Bug: #1368009
2014-09-11 13:26:31 +08:00
Terry Yao d38a6f0d51 Change to use alembic to create db table schema
neutron removed the capability to auto generating the table schema and
use the alembic as the only way to create the db tables. powervc neutron
agent needs to follow the same way to create the tables schema and it
also added the db schema migration capability for powervc neutron agent.

As db2 alembic has problem at this time, I still retain the auto create
the table schema during startup, once db2 alembic is enabled, then we
can totally switch to use alembic to create the db schema

Change-Id: I4b5982b2f67b33aae3b8acc65b91fc6247b9b8a4
2014-08-29 15:28:32 +08:00
Eric_Zhao 5de8b9d735 Fix flake8 checking issue in powervc-driver and Unittest
There are some flake8 issues in each component that are not based
 on coding style rules .
And There are some unittest issues in some component that need to
 be fixed

Change-Id: Ic9a3f2c3b779ced225a42f69a495a606cb62517e
Closes-Bug: #1350160
2014-08-24 23:14:44 -04:00
terryyao 409a5bac87 Implement boot VM with created neutron port
Implement boot VM with created neutron port include below changes:
1. Add get_port_uuid() rpc method in neutron to map the powervc uuid for
the local neutron port
2. Specify the 'port-id' in nova-powervc's driver spawn method for the
corresponding PowerVC port UUID from the requesting port-id from the

Closes-Bug: 1350161
Change-Id: I4bc574c20ac06b625cd7111c4184b48cddbd7f64
2014-07-30 11:14:10 +08:00
yinym 8f6cb9fd23 Fix flake8 warning and error report
All the flake8 issues have been resolved with this commit.

Change-Id: I637f82c484b3dbecc4827731a13f79c2ba2b9240
Closes-Bug: #1346759
2014-07-22 14:35:24 +08:00
leileiz c66b71adb2 Fix neutron-powervc starting failure issue
Previous neutron.openstack.common.rpc is removed in Juno. Replace it
   with neutron.common.rpc
Closes-bug: 1336131
Change-Id: Ibb7f7b5109476237df783e4cdd62ba9f5e264640
2014-07-07 07:26:23 +02:00
Le Tian Ren bb7da09624 Fix copyright headline in the source files
Change-Id: Ie1b0dac8a8ec1e6d02217fe03159c78a69f6dc5d
Closes-Bug: #1317657
2014-05-09 13:05:20 +08:00
Le Tian Ren 5e1c266859 Initial code base commit.
Change-Id: Id1e336028fa662ddee865841ac7b6c31a316f854
Closes-Bug: #1317383
2014-05-08 22:00:29 +08:00