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Paul Belanger 38a9c30827
Add puppet dependencies to bindep.txt
Start to utilize bindep.txt more by include our ruby dependencies for
puppet. Also include bindep.txt into moduleroot so we can also sync
this to all our puppet modules.

Change-Id: I88229327038e13ab7471e53ae7f7bc84815511ea
Signed-off-by: Paul Belanger <>
2017-05-02 22:49:16 -04:00
Andreas Jaeger 9c0b9f319d Move other-requirements.txt to bindep.txt
The default filename for documenting binary dependencies has been
changed from "other-requirements.txt" to "bindep.txt" with the release
of bindep 2.1.0. While the previous name is still supported, it will
be deprecated.

Move the file around to follow this change.

Note that this change is self-testing, the OpenStack CI infrastructure
will use a "bindep.txt" file to setup nodes for testing.

For more information about bindep, see also:

As well as this announcement:

Change-Id: I44f313a93eecb530bc89ba6d436951abf0b3d763
2016-08-12 21:08:50 +02:00