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  OpenDev Sysadmins 4f1b3b1426 OpenDev Migration Patch 5 days ago
  Jenkins 77157f2096 Merge "Change wait_for_boot method for node availability" 1 year ago
  Ben Cooper 8060628bee Change wait_for_boot method for node availability 1 year ago
  Benjamin Michael Cooper 55849876b9 Configurable virtualisation 1 year ago
  Benjamin Michael Cooper 546b100b25 Fix OpenStack dependencies 1 year ago
  Dmitry Bogun b0c22a2505 Adopt stub webserver to new bareon deployemnet protocol 2 years ago
  Andrei V. Ostapenko a952bbf604 Renames api-url to ironic_api_url in pxe config 2 years ago
  Dmitry Bogun 34740f5411 Increase controll over content of deployment config 2 years ago
  Andrii Ostapenko 5970e9dbb5 Satisfy global dependency requirements 2 years ago
  Andrei V. Ostapenko 7aaa9d97d2 Adds required dependency for pxelinux.0 > 4.x 2 years ago
  Andrei V. Ostapenko e0a67eee06 Adds custom exceptions 2 years ago
  Dmitry Bogun 73b93d95bf Extend environment toolset 2 years ago
  Dmitry Bogun c9c6e1e5ee Do not fail if workdir is missing in teardown stage 2 years ago
  Dmitry Bogun 68182be454 Extend API providing image definition 2 years ago
  Dmitry Bogun 48e7493173 Add generation of cloud.cfg 2 years ago
  Dmitry Bogun c912791aa1 Using predefined ssh key pair to access vm 2 years ago
  Dmitry Bogun 5bb7d8fd3c Fix read_file and add write_file methods of Node class 2 years ago
  Dmitry Bogun 25b14a7f9c Unmount image into teardown instead of teardonwclass 2 years ago
  Dmitry Bogun cb1c3ff4f7 Replace pidof call 2 years ago
  Dmitry Bogun afc4b47fbc Remove template engine abstraction layer 2 years ago
  Dmitry Bogun 66bcb8a146 Mixin for test cases 2 years ago
  Dmitry Bogun 47d3d48dd3 lxml - missing dependency 2 years ago
  Dmitry Bogun cd7b36904e Refactoring of stub webserver 2 years ago
  Dmitry Bogun e6cc50bcff Remove interference of config objects 2 years ago
  Mark Goddard 60fca54634 Initial commit 3 years ago
  OpenStack Project Creator 5ca6f8647c Added .gitreview 3 years ago