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  OpenDev Sysadmins 7f57ebf160 OpenDev Migration Patch 2 months ago
  Ian Wienand f65805cfdd Replace openstack.org git:// URLs with https:// 3 months ago
  Alina Nesterova dc99300055 Remove README.md 1 year ago
  Alina Nesterova c09ebb6964 Remove participants for nightly and weekly jobs 2 years ago
  Jenkins ff6798c2a9 Merge "Updating of swift storage size" 2 years ago
  Evgeny Sikachev c4529ca3ef Updating of swift storage size 2 years ago
  Evgeny Sikachev 43e2b2646f Remove unused images from scripts 2 years ago
  Evgeny Sikachev f990cfea4c Disabled voting for spark-2.1.0 job 2 years ago
  Evgeny Sikachev 2d8ba9bea8 Adding image for spark form mitaka 2 years ago
  Evgeny Sikachev 0a6539caa1 Added gerrit-git-prep to sahara-ci repo 2 years ago
  Jenkins 9d02bdec11 Merge "Restructured jobs for sahara-tests" 2 years ago
  Jenkins 10ef5560f4 Merge "Adding of spark 2.1.0 on sahara-ci" 2 years ago
  Evgeny Sikachev 477ce7b8f8 Restructured jobs for sahara-tests 2 years ago
  Evgeny Sikachev ee19284667 Adding of spark 2.1.0 on sahara-ci 2 years ago
  Jenkins 367207e291 Merge "Storm 1.1.0 was added on sahara-ci" 2 years ago
  Evgeny Sikachev a41f266e65 Storm 1.1.0 was added on sahara-ci 2 years ago
  Evgeny Sikachev 38855d9228 Updated count of slaves and size 2 years ago
  Evgeny Sikachev e932485d2f Fixed jobs in stable releases 2 years ago
  Evgeny Sikachev 71ef54661d Switch to publicURL for services 2 years ago
  Jenkins 9a53585ecc Merge "Added pymysql in python2" 2 years ago
  Alina Nesterova d979947128 Added python3 job for spark for Sahara 2 years ago
  Alina Nesterova f17eb1f683 Fixed creating of data-processing endpoint 2 years ago
  Jenkins 723505b358 Merge "Add jobs for CDH 5.9 c7 and u14" 2 years ago
  Shu Yingya cf5a3200b5 Add jobs for CDH 5.9 c7 and u14 2 years ago
  Vitaly Gridnev 79f62ee253 remove liberty from filters 2 years ago
  Evgeny Sikachev 9bd62d933b Added pymysql in python2 2 years ago
  Jenkins 316ccfd937 Merge "Added installing of pymysql" 2 years ago
  Evgeny Sikachev 527284528f Added installing of pymysql 2 years ago
  Jenkins b775167e98 Merge "generate image variable name when generating scenario config" 2 years ago
  Evgeny Sikachev 872cbd7510 Added python3 jobs 2 years ago
  Vitaly Gridnev 1855a488a4 generate image variable name when generating scenario config 2 years ago
  Jenkins caa041595f Merge "Added upper constraints to install command" 2 years ago
  Evgeny Sikachev 6c626a6e90 Added upper constraints to install command 2 years ago
  Jenkins ebf498530f Merge "Fix for dib jobs" 2 years ago
  Jenkins 1924c3f2d9 Merge "localrc modifications" 2 years ago
  Jenkins 5db6856bfb Merge "Improve localrc file" 2 years ago
  Jenkins 5338a46e98 Merge "Added support of newton branch to scripts" 2 years ago
  Evgeny Sikachev 9eb5cc5f04 Fix for dib jobs 2 years ago
  Alina Nesterova 5ad13bd09b Added killing of all python processes 2 years ago
  Jenkins a9737868ce Merge "common filter for dib jobs" 2 years ago
  Vitaly Gridnev d19c2dc780 localrc modifications 2 years ago
  Jenkins d1c5fe2bd9 Merge "Remove micro-osd.sh from config/devstack" 2 years ago
  Evgeny Sikachev a3d5b65a33 Added support of newton branch to scripts 2 years ago
  Alina Nesterova ed166be380 Move ci-slaves to ubuntu 16.04 2 years ago
  Vitaly Gridnev e954ff1898 common filter for dib jobs 2 years ago
  Jenkins 9530bcc6a6 Merge "introduce default parameters for mode" 2 years ago
  Jenkins f56bf91d36 Merge "removed unused function" 2 years ago
  Jenkins 5940ee1a92 Merge "Extract image variable name from scenario file" 2 years ago
  Jenkins 804e5aeb33 Merge "Refactor retrieving scenario template path" 2 years ago
  Vitaly Gridnev 765733a418 drop ambari 2.1 image from CI 2 years ago