Snap package for Glance
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Glance Snap

This repository contains the source code of the snap for the OpenStack Image service, Glance.

Installing this snap

The glance snap can be installed directly from the snap store:

sudo snap install --channel=ocata/edge glance

The glance snap is working towards publication across tracks for OpenStack releases. The edge channel for each track will contain the tip of the OpenStack project’s master or stable branch, with the beta, candidate, and stable channels being reserved for released versions. The same version will be published progressively to beta, then candidate, and then stable once CI validation completes for the channel. This should result in an experience such as:

sudo snap install --channel=ocata/stable glance
sudo snap install --channel=pike/edge glance

Configuring glance

The glance snap gets its default configuration from the following $SNAP and $SNAP_COMMON locations:

└── glance
    ├── glance-api.conf
    ├── glance-manage.conf
    └── glance-registry.conf

└── glance
    └── glance.conf.d
        └── glance-snap.conf

The glance snap supports configuration updates via its $SNAP_COMMON writable area. The default glance configuration can be overridden as follows:

└── glance
    ├── glance.conf.d
    │   ├── glance-snap.conf
    │   ├── database.conf
    │   └── keystone.conf
    ├── glance-api.conf
    ├── glance-manage.conf
    └── glance-registry.conf

The glance configuration can be overridden or augmented by writing configuration snippets to files in the glance.conf.d directory.

Alternatively, glance configuration can be overridden by adding full config files to the glance/ directory. If overriding in this way, you’ll need to either point your config at additional config files located in $SNAP, or add those to $SNAP_COMMON as well.

Logging glance

The services for the glance snap will log to its $SNAP_COMMON writable area: /var/snap/glance/common/log.

Restarting glance services

To restart all glance services:

sudo systemctl restart snap.glance.*

or an individual service can be restarted by dropping the wildcard and specifying the full service name.

Building the glance snap

Simply clone this repository and then install and run snapcraft:

git clone
sudo apt install snapcraft
cd snap-glance


Please report any bugs related to this snap at: Launchpad.

Alternatively you can find the OpenStack Snap team in #openstack-snaps on Freenode IRC.