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Arnaud Morin ac4cf35384 Add new OVH corp email for Arnaud Morin 4 weeks ago
Zuul 474c065e52 Merge "Add new user info" 1 month ago
shiyawei f58beed49a Update company association for shiyawei 2 months ago
lcyuzzz 790ff69580 Add new user info 2 months ago
Zuul 2638e3ed1e Merge "Add my affiliation to Dell EMC" 5 months ago
Kamlesh Chauvhan 666d2e40b4 Add my affiliation to Dell EMC 5 months ago
Andrii Ostapenko e1e5d19a01 Revert "update the company affiliation about SataQiu" 5 months ago
SataQiu 0458d65b4d update the company affiliation about SataQiu 5 months ago
Zuul 89f304566e Merge "add yangjunmyfm192085 to default_data.json" 5 months ago
杨军10092085 570a592104 add yangjunmyfm192085 to default_data.json 6 months ago
SataQiu 5dad8a21d1 change the company affiliation about SataQiu 6 months ago
Miguel Lavalle 44853f7928 Update Miguel Lavalle company affiliation 7 months ago
gengzhanfei a824fb6c72 add new user info 7 months ago
Oleg Bondarev 4589c3c8d7 Update Oleg Bondarev company affiliation 7 months ago
chenwei 019e668356 Add new user info 7 months ago
Zuul 6aae2dcdd9 Merge "Update company association for gibi" 8 months ago
Zuul 8eeff0deea Merge "Added my info to default_data.json" 8 months ago
Zuul 5d77d625a1 Merge "Add project default data" 8 months ago
Zuul ded337b735 Merge "Add company map of UnionTech Software Technology Co., Ltd." 8 months ago
Rodrigo Cia 0caa198fb5 Added my info to default_data.json 8 months ago
Han Guangyu f9d18ead00 Add company map of UnionTech Software Technology Co., Ltd. 8 months ago
Balazs Gibizer f0d12123f8 Update company association for gibi 8 months ago
zhangbailin be5c696ba8 Introduce Zed release 8 months ago
songwenping d055c0c687 Add project default data 8 months ago
Zuul d0dec4e24f Merge "Update company association for xuanyandong" 8 months ago
xuanyandong 0be598d158 Update company association for xuanyandong 8 months ago
Zuul cc9f9029d5 Merge "add zhang3neolinkcom to TenxCloud" 8 months ago
Zuul accb9ccd31 Merge "add user abirdcfly" 8 months ago
Zuul 160290c69b Merge "add my info to stackalytics" 8 months ago
Zuul e63a7886ce Merge "add user to Bocloud" 8 months ago
Zuul 085227b4e2 Merge "Add my personal virtuous-sloth entry to default_data.json" 8 months ago
Zuul ec88a7c381 Merge "Adding twovi to default data list" 8 months ago
Zuul 967ad58597 Merge "Update company association for zhangboye" 8 months ago
zhang3neolinkcom 9eb9c82874 add zhang3neolinkcom to TenxCloud 8 months ago
Abirdcfly 41a232616d add user abirdcfly 8 months ago
zhouhenglc ebaac2f44a [CI]require Jinja2<3.1.0 8 months ago
zhangboye d5f34c31e3 Update company association for zhangboye 9 months ago
twovican 9fbf07e419 Adding twovi to default data list 9 months ago
Bruce Elrick f0369e01b8 Add my personal virtuous-sloth entry to default_data.json 9 months ago
Zuul 70422dc9e8 Merge "Update company association for maliangyi" 9 months ago
ldsdsy b8fa5c6551 add user to Bocloud 9 months ago d72ea656f8 add my info to stackalytics 9 months ago
zhouhenglc c779a13168 Switch IRC references from freenode to OFTC 9 months ago
maliangyi d30a06cfd5 Update company association for maliangyi 9 months ago
zhouhenglc 4593856bab [ci]require itsdangerous<2.1 9 months ago
Zuul 337a5383b6 Merge "Adding dekehn to stackalytics" 10 months ago
dekehn a74a92138d Adding dekehn to stackalytics 10 months ago
taoruizhe 549b180768 add taoruizhe info into stackalytics 10 months ago
Jonathan Race 33437fb1bb Add user chateaulav and company 10 months ago
Zuul f6542f6fbb Merge "Adding hejunli to stackalytics" 10 months ago