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Andrii Ostapenko 02c69bee1c
Rename to OpenInfra foundation
Also remove obsolete "TC-approved release" section.

Change-Id: Id7f2ee4e4bc553f3453e37d6096ecd5557e66dc2
Signed-off-by: Andrii Ostapenko <>
2 years ago
Andrii Ostapenko 237636b129
Add Zuul projects in Zuul project type
Change-Id: I3dfed5466b4caef5ed1b9f06ac19b4a8a4be1b7c
2 years ago
Zuul 9e16ab9669 Merge "Update OVHcloud mail domain + personnal profile" 2 years ago
ArkadyKanevsky c912820c19 Change Arkady affiliation.
Change-Id: Ic173666bce427162f5ac08b7ba75966a8bbc8de9
2 years ago
Victor Coutellier c8c1ba2b4e Update OVHcloud mail domain + personnal profile
Change-Id: I54078843ab319e2d0e7ea11d488aaae803c8f63d
2 years ago
Zuul beff9cff6c Merge "adding user to default data" 2 years ago
javanlacerda b874735f98 adding user to default data
Change-Id: I2c3a8738f9af8d95ab8b9c3d50d03cff7782ec0a
2 years ago
liuhuajie 8db6495555 Add new user info
Change-Id: If92d0edc730602d01e4813b9f59119d20ffad200
2 years ago
Arthur Luz de Avila 692cc5ed7b Add user arthuravila
Change-Id: I14ff794f8b22c74b35ab9361e4b79c182151ea95
2 years ago
Zuul ffcb4a004b Merge "Add colleague account" 2 years ago
Zuul 1c5d1eeac0 Merge "Added the user rssarto" 2 years ago
Zuul 0c61110af1 Merge "Add user" 2 years ago
songwenping 2ace4adc4d Add colleague account
Change-Id: Ib20e4a00d1aa092870199dba320ca05f2eaabc19
2 years ago
Ricardo Sarto ba9b58c617 Added the user rssarto
Change-Id: Ib01824f9c8825ba6da44cd18dc7062817314de60
2 years ago
Samuel Liu 44e355cf95 Add user
Change-Id: Icbf5077774d77daf81d77cb7287551de924c39a3
2 years ago
Mat Kowalski a2c9eea684
Update email for mkowalski
Change-Id: I03b54ba3769d525b12b1bf5ecf259a324376e117
2 years ago
Fabio Oliveira 7efd90c0a9 Add user fabiooliveira1 to stackalytics
Change-Id: Id0189c6f81039742fecefbaa26b580017532f710
2 years ago
Zuul 17c5a07273 Merge "Updating Dell Tech contributor list." 2 years ago
YeHaiyang 41f657adb3 update email information.
Change-Id: I62e19301ebb17630947876b5dda2a142d225def2
2 years ago
ArkadyKanevsky 4d2f9e448a Updating Dell Tech contributor list.
Change-Id: I14040b2428d826c5da030ed8366ddecdc5e7c2b3
2 years ago
Andrii Ostapenko 8cbdbf12f0
Add launchpad alias for cyborg
Change-Id: Icf044df652e9e488cab35a96e92d31e79e4387ef
Signed-off-by: Andrii Ostapenko <>
2 years ago
Zuul 7de5b3aacf Merge "Added myself" 2 years ago
Zuul b0dcd35768 Merge "add new affiliation to user tiago primini" 2 years ago
Iago Estrela ee2177b0d5 add user
Change-Id: I1f8b81919148d93c2f73620055f05d8a73e0a550
Signed-off-by: Iago Estrela <>
2 years ago
Tiago Primini f656d534a2 add new affiliation to user tiago primini
Change-Id: I69c014a83dcaf240927a02506d4da52764a105d0
Signed-off-by: Tiago Primini <>
2 years ago
Adrien Cunin b2df2868b9 Added myself
Change-Id: Ia86ead8aaacd62545e968523d5cc474af33e9ff9
2 years ago
Zuul f368178030 Merge "Update affiliation for Mark Voelker" 2 years ago
Heitor Matsui 2c6d983708 Adding user
Change-Id: Ida0dae6411a4154960e9713f025018cc1560a8bd
2 years ago
Mark T. Voelker 591e6b3767 Update affiliation for Mark Voelker
Change-Id: Iba44be273cd784e379500494ce1570bd903cf305
2 years ago
Zuul 729f8cb9ba Merge "Removing Accenture company affiliation" 2 years ago
Zuul dc67eb709b Merge "Added Springer Nature company" 2 years ago
Alexander Hughes b6c4776187 Removing Accenture company affiliation
After 23-Apr-2021 I will no longer be employed by Accenture

Signed-off-by: Alexander Hughes <>
Change-Id: If63d0ac78aa706764be86941a83e31d9d76732b6
2 years ago
Adrien Cunin 8c89c575b7 Added Springer Nature company
Change-Id: I4f33e003fa2c47317f52f47de66825233e4026e5
2 years ago
Adrien Cunin aa5fc861b9 Added alter way company
Change-Id: I4acdc6cab38d91aa63307d5139a93e77e0f060f4
2 years ago
Zuul eb3a8b3ffc Merge "Add user" 2 years ago
Samuel Liu 7039bec5e0 Add user
Change-Id: Iaeeac58d7eb4375a6f0f1e40f4378b54e39d6726
2 years ago
Tiago Primini 61bfcf1a09 add Tiago Primini to default_data.json
Change-Id: Ie71a809c85162eb69733a56af200bfedf1083c29
2 years ago
Andrii Ostapenko 893136a36f
Add Xena release
Change-Id: I00643a4094e2dec8cb6d453bfaed6a7af9189987
Signed-off-by: Andrii Ostapenko <>
2 years ago
pacoxu cdbcc7c0cb add wang yuying to DaoCloud
Change-Id: I1d5ebee030af872ac9c33510215df79894282d4d
Signed-off-by: pacoxu <>
2 years ago
Zuul 06f465ce1a Merge "Add Kebe's emails" 2 years ago
Douglas Viroel 110cc47ca4 Update association for Douglas Viroel
Change-Id: I9a3fac3f151bbc0df8a10a7c85f5049cbe123e42
2 years ago
Jacy Lee 4ee09f7974 Update my informatio
Change-Id: I3ed88b9f4ab564d4dd3cf4a736be56485fcaaecb
2 years ago
Marcelo Uesono 87e091f217 add user in default_data.json
Change-Id: I0c21f36dc4d73c026653ffe1fac360c351f470c3
2 years ago
Zuul e9d52a8671 Merge "Adding Sujeet to Accenture" 2 years ago
sujeetch da2d5f925c Adding Sujeet to Accenture
Signed-off-by: sujeetch <>
Change-Id: Ic04530ee453fad5f3a3b57e705c37eb6ec97d12a
2 years ago
Zuul 000abac6a0 Merge "update hwdef email" 2 years ago
Kebe Liu c8da190827 Add Kebe's emails
Change-Id: Iea0c6137c27f8a43f720592a24c739a79134cd85
2 years ago
hwdef caa123d970 update hwdef email
Change-Id: I18893df9f608bc055b3116674e9b6d6a4e172ff9
2 years ago
Andrii Ostapenko 21bfb0dfac
Add emails for kkalynovskiy and seagan
Change-Id: I82ed41b5059c508166c527786cfcfbc2d17877f6
Signed-off-by: Andrii Ostapenko <>
2 years ago
Zuul 5d07eacb05 Merge "Add user MelloCaique to stackalytics" 2 years ago