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Ilya Shakhat 4fa93375e3 Add tool to match default_data.json against OpenStackID service
Change-Id: I4c5129712aee4632c24ae61c832e50f09e2ab900
2017-08-25 16:24:41 +02:00
Anh Tran eded545b1d Remove white space between print ()
Change-Id: I03fa725a4a374dd4044b4c542769d192e2b49234
2017-01-17 10:15:37 +07:00
Ilya Shakhat 5761a9e584 Enable config auto-generation
Change-Id: I561f4264bfad614cffa8e768cdfd1eb87f0e21c1
2015-04-01 18:54:29 +03:00
Ilya Shakhat 27e8be9ccc Correctly use user_id instead of launchpad_id
Previously launchpad_id was set for all records, but we already
have primary key 'user_id' that should be used instead.
When merging two profiles it is possible that there are 2 known
launchpad ids or gerrit ids for the same user. Now processor writes
info-level message for such profiles

Change-Id: I27580578b10272a2e1b7e998025db523b4075a18
2014-10-24 13:40:04 +04:00
Andreas Jaeger 7155d072b0 warn against sorting requirements
And do not check for sorted requirements.

Change-Id: I64ae9191863564e278a35d42ec9cd743a233028e
Closes-Bug: 1365061
2014-09-03 22:27:53 +02:00
Christian Berendt 59086405c2 sort requirement files in alphabetical order
This makes code more readable, and can check whether specific library
in the requirement files easily. We also enforce the check in pep8.

Change-Id: I98be4ab6c46301fabe8badc00dd3a60333473414
Closes-Bug: #1285478
2014-05-21 23:59:41 +02:00
Ilya Shakhat a5f1411218 Initial code commit 2013-06-22 15:42:32 +04:00