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Andrii Ostapenko 02c69bee1c
Rename to OpenInfra foundation
Also remove obsolete "TC-approved release" section.

Change-Id: Id7f2ee4e4bc553f3453e37d6096ecd5557e66dc2
Signed-off-by: Andrii Ostapenko <>
2 years ago
corrections.json trivial: modify spelling error of test 5 years ago
corrections.schema.json Add LOC corrections for Ocata release 6 years ago
default_data.json Rename to OpenInfra foundation 2 years ago
stackalytics.conf Added github token support for github autentification 3 years ago
test_default_data.json Added 'Wallaby' Release into default_data.json 3 years ago
test_projects.yaml Correct tag name for tc:approved-release 7 years ago