Synergy is an extensible general purpose management service for OpenStack. Its capabilities are implemented by a collection of managers. It can be used to implement advanced scheduling mechanisms to maximize the overall resource usage.
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* Shell version updated
* Authorization section updated
* Update RPM package dependencies
* Release v1.5.2
* Fixes on the authorization mechanism
* Enhancement in handling the parameters defined in the user request
* Missing security support
* Synergy should never raise Exception directly
* manager.notify() doesn't handle the NotImplementedError exceptions
* The synergy.log doesn't contain all logged messages
* Release v1.5.1
* Update synergy service packaging
* Release v1.5.0
* add some unit tests for Trust
* CLI: remove auth\_token, unused vars and add tests
* add some unit tests for ExecuteCommand
* add some unit tests for the ManagerCommand class
* simplify packaging with docker
* fix one instance of "except Exception"
* add some unit tests for HTTPCommand
* fix missing elements in string formatting
* remove support for SysV init and Upstart
* Removed all managers parameters in synergy.conf
* fix synergy erasing log file on upgrade
* Release v1.4.0
* Update of the links to the Synergy documentation
* Update of the Synergy configuration file
* The Synergy CLI is not SSL-enabled
* Release v1.3.0 with packaging files
* Replaces uuid.uuid4 with uuidutils.generate\_uuid()
* [packaging] make docker aware of PKG\_VERSION
* Added support for OpenStack DOMAIN to
* Update changelogs and system package versions
* Clean up oslo imports
* Update the Sphinx documentation
* fix packaging with docker and its documentation
* Distribute tabulate as part of Synergy
* Remove versions for required packages
* fix missing "requests" from the requirements
* Updated coverage configuration file
* fix docker packaging for CentOS
* fix wrong version of eventlet
* fix docs for packaging with Ubuntu
* fix to get the synergy version when packaging
* fix required packages when packaging
* use pbr fully for easier package building
* RPM: don't output errors on uninstallation
* Fix conf for AMQP virtual host
* Added unit tests
* Fixed destroy() method
* Fixed serializer
* Fixed logging for managers
* fix eventlet and dateutil required versions
* Fix requirement version pinning
* Release v1.1.0
* setup.cfg mod
* setup.cfg updated
* Use dependency pinning
* Streamline packaging with docker
* Commit for fixes described in
* Synergy enhancements
* Cleanup tox.ini: Remove obsolete constraints
* Bump version to 1.0.1
* Fix broken link to doc in README
* bump to version 1.0.0
* first functional test added
* :added pause() and resume() methods to the Manager class
* add unit tests on the Manager class
* logging fixed and synergy shell updated
* update oslo libs required versions
* add synergy CLI to bin/
* fixed command.Execute() and changed the logging level of service.executeCommand()
* small code cleanup w/o affecting functionalities
* fix logging
* fix CentOS packaging documentation
* update synergy configuration file
* add synergy CLI
* manager fixed
* bump version & changelog for release v0.2
* freeze the OpenStack version for CentOS
* fix code that prevented the package from running
* import project from launchpad git repo
* Added .gitreview