Tap-as-a-Service is a project to introduce the functionality of port mirroring in OpenStack Neutron provisioned networks.
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Tap as a Service installation guide

This is the installation guide for enabling Tap-as-a-Service(TaaS) feature in OpenStack Neutron

We have tested TaaS with latest version DevStack running on Ubuntu 12.04 and 14.04. TaaS is currently under active development and we will update you of new features and capabilities as and when they become available. Feel free to approach us with any issues related to installing or using TaaS.


TaaS requires the 'Port Security' Neutron ML2 extension. Please make sure that this extension has been enabled.

Adding the following to 'local.conf' while installing DevStack will enable 'Port Security' extension. (It's enabled by default)



You can use DevStack external plugin. See devstack/README.rst.