Clarify optional template sections

Clarify optional template section and expected depth based on input from
the product working group. Refer to this thread for further background:

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Stephen Gordon 7 years ago
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@ -76,14 +76,17 @@ If you are aware of any work in progress that will affect this use case,
please list it here. Include links to a spec or blueprint or bug report
where applicable.
Please note that this step is optional, leave this section blank if you are
Use this section to define the functions that must be available or any
specific technical requirements that exist in order to successfully
support your use case. If there are requirements that are external
to OpenStack, note them as such. Please always add a comprehensible
description to ensure that people understand your need.
Use this section to describe the functions you need to successfully support
your use case. If you have requirements which are currently not addressed by
OpenStack please highlight them. Note however, this will not mean that they
necessarily will be implemented. Please refrain from specifying implementation
* 1st Requirement
* 2nd Requirement