Use case repo for Telco Working Group
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The title of your use case

Introduction paragraph -- what function are you attempting to support with OpenStack?


Provide a list of acronyms, their expansions, and what they actually mean in general language here. Define any terms that are specific to your problem domain. If there are devices, appliances, or software stacks that you expect to interact with OpenStack, list them here.

Remember: OpenStack is used for a large number of deployments, and the better you communicate your use case the easier it will be to implement.


reStructuredText is a simple markup language


Three-Letter Abbreviation is an abbreviation consisting of three letters


Another example abbreviation

Problem description

A detailed description of the problem. This should include the types of functions that you expect to run on OpenStack and their interactions both with OpenStack and with external systems.

User Stories

A list of user stories ideally in this or a similar format:

  • As a <type of user>, I want to <goal> so that <benefit>
  • ...


In order to explain your use case, if possible, provide an example of a currently implemented or documented planned solution.

If you have multiple examples (the more the merrier) you may want to use a numbered list, like the following:

  1. 1st Example
  2. 2nd Example
  3. Sometimes it could be helpful to format text italic, e.g. to add some background information

Affected By

If you are aware of any work in progress that will affect this use case, please list it here. Include links to a spec or blueprint or bug report where applicable.

Please note that this step is optional, leave this section blank if you are unsure.


Use this section to describe the functions you need to successfully support your use case. If you have requirements which are currently not addressed by OpenStack please highlight them. Note however, this will not mean that they necessarily will be implemented. Please refrain from specifying implementation details.

  • 1st Requirement
  • 2nd Requirement
  • and so on

If there are related use cases that have some overlap in the problem domain or that you perceive may partially share requirements or a solution, reference them here.


This section should be used to provide information on the difference between requirements that are currently met within OpenStack and those that are not. Requirements not met by OpenStack but that the author feels should be addressed by it should be listed here.

If you are already aware of any gaps that exist in OpenStack that prevent the implementation of this use case, provide them here and highlight the related module if possible. To highlight text you can format it bold. This section can often be left with "None currently known." It is the purpose of this working group and repository to use the use cases presented here to identify what the gaps are.


  • You can list a gaps in bulleted list
    • with some subitems
    • if it is necessary
    • and refer to a reference [Ref. 1] mentioned above
  • Always pay attention on the correct syntax and use blank lines between formatted paragraphs.
  • Take a look at [Ref. 1] for more details about concepts and syntax of reStructuredText (reST).


If you want to display lines of code to emphasize the gap you can make use of a literal code block:

This a an example code

by using two colons and additonal line breaks at beginning and end.


If any of your requirements specifically call for the implementation of a standard or protocol or other well-defined mechanism, use this section to list them.