Merge "Add tools to edit user-data server parameter"

Zuul 2021-09-29 18:15:34 +00:00 committed by Gerrit Code Review
commit 2fb36cb5af
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@ -86,6 +86,47 @@ class CloudConfig(dict):
def __add__(self, other):
return combine_cloud_configs([self, other])
def packages(self) -> typing.List[str]:
return self.setdefault('packages', [])
def add_package(self, *packages: str):
_packages = self.packages
for package in packages:
tobiko.check_valid_type(package, str)
if package not in _packages:
def runcmd(self) -> typing.List[typing.List[str]]:
return self.setdefault('runcmd', [])
def add_runcmd(self, *command_lines: sh.ShellCommandType):
runcmd = self.runcmd
for command_line in command_lines:
command_line = sh.shell_command(command_line)
def write_files(self) -> typing.List[typing.Dict[str, typing.Any]]:
return self.setdefault('write_files', [])
def add_write_file(self,
path: str,
content: str,
owner: str = None,
permissions: str = None):
tobiko.check_valid_type(path, str)
tobiko.check_valid_type(content, str)
entry = dict(path=path, content=content)
if owner is not None:
tobiko.check_valid_type(owner, str)
entry['owner'] = owner
if permissions is not None:
tobiko.check_valid_type(owner, str)
entry['permission'] = permissions
class InvalidCloudInitStatusError(tobiko.TobikoException):
message = ("cloud-init status of host '{hostname}' is "