Merge "Improve logs for test_alive_agents_are_consistent_along_time"

Zuul 2023-06-07 16:20:52 +00:00 committed by Gerrit Code Review
commit fde58ffa30
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@ -135,12 +135,14 @@ def test_alive_agents_are_consistent_along_time(retry_timeout=180.,
# go to the outer loop if the set of agents changed
# the alive_agents reference is the new list
if set(actual) != set(alive_agents):
LOG.warn("The list of agents has changed\n"
alive_agents = actual
LOG.warn("The list of agents has changed")
LOG.debug("The new list of agents matched the previous list "
"%d times", attempt_in.number + 1)
"%d times", attempt_in.number)
if attempt_in.is_last:"the list of agents obtained for {consistent_count} "