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Zuul fc3bce1ed3 Merge "Add create-resources-neutron and check-resources-neutron workflows" 5 hours ago
Eduardo Olivares 8796f5f6bd Add create-resources-neutron and check-resources-neutron workflows 13 hours ago
Federico Ressi cdcf364b03 Mark test_traffic as flacky 14 hours ago
Federico Ressi ff351b69d2 Use safe loader/dumper to load/dump YAMLs things 2 days ago
Zuul 7b852c0f0a Merge "Replace job template devstack-tobiko-glance with devstack-tobiko-storage" 4 days ago
Zuul d30994b00a Merge "Use tobiko curl module in Octavia validators" 4 days ago
Omer 21e5cbff56 Use tobiko curl module in Octavia validators 6 days ago
Omer a37a8ad47c Add Octavia OVN provider support 2 weeks ago
Federico Ressi fd519d73f0 Replace job template devstack-tobiko-glance with devstack-tobiko-storage 1 month ago
Eduardo Olivares 2ea9eb45f6 Disable Trunk ports from the QoS stack 2 weeks ago
Zuul 5e3ed15e1b Merge "Run devstack-tobiko-nova jobs" 5 days ago
Federico Ressi ab8d56d9cf Run devstack-tobiko-nova jobs 5 days ago
Federico Ressi 630b53eee4 Increase timeout for assert_is_reachable method up to 10 minutes. 1 week ago
Zuul cf43f16cf2 Merge "Fix Tripleo reboot method" 6 days ago
Omer ce7f21eeb0 Fix Tripleo reboot method 1 week ago
Federico Ressi 40ff2fe904 Gate tobiko using devstack-plugin-heat jobs 1 week ago
Eduardo Olivares 454a63f4e6 Add new flag cleanup-heat-stacks to the infrared plugin 3 weeks ago
Zuul 632ce945da Merge "Trigger the new devstack-tobiko-neutron jobs" 1 week ago
Federico Ressi b2c4c3d675 Remove devstack-tobiko-faults jobs 1 week ago
Federico Ressi 17d5e32be9 Trigger the new devstack-tobiko-neutron jobs 2 weeks ago
Federico Ressi f353024967 Update curl.execute_curl function 2 weeks ago
Federico Ressi 89aee760c7 Create Heat's workflows 1 week ago
Zuul fdb25d1538 Merge "Update Nova Server test" 2 weeks ago
Zuul e537f4393f Merge "Fix test_infrared_plugin.yaml playbook" 2 weeks ago
Federico Ressi 4f6559e16d Update Nova Server test 1 month ago
Federico Ressi f2ad0a4994 Wait for iperf3 server to be active before testing BW 2 weeks ago
Federico Ressi 2e5f403619 Fix test_infrared_plugin.yaml playbook 2 weeks ago
Zuul e6658e2489 Merge "Add floating IP to loadbalancer stack" 2 weeks ago
Zuul 93c7dbe22f Merge "Allocate 256MB of Ram for Ubuntu VMs" 2 weeks ago
Federico Ressi afb02539ec Add floating IP to loadbalancer stack 2 weeks ago
Federico Ressi fff823b0c8 Allow to specify load balancer provider type 2 weeks ago
Federico Ressi 61e9644c62 Allocate 256MB of Ram for Ubuntu VMs 2 weeks ago
Zuul 0db366dc88 Merge "Skip OctaviaBasicFaultTest.test_reboot_amphora_compute_node on upstream CI" 2 weeks ago
Zuul f870675690 Merge "Workaround pylint issue with python3.6" 2 weeks ago
Federico Ressi 56e20d8dbc Skip OctaviaBasicFaultTest.test_reboot_amphora_compute_node on upstream CI 2 weeks ago
Federico Ressi 3830892f11 Workaround pylint issue with python3.6 2 weeks ago
Federico Ressi 4f80a279b6 Remove ansible-lint from linter requirements 2 weeks ago
Federico Ressi 332ec6130a Use older constraints file for linters requirements 2 weeks ago
Omer 5a9d0ecb95 Add Octavia compute node failover fault test 2 months ago
Omer 17d8edde80 Add a reboot overcloud node method to tripleo topology 1 month ago
Federico Ressi f73d1c8b82 Rename module: tobiko.common._asserts -> tobiko.common._fail 3 weeks ago
Federico Ressi 0cc3216a4e Update overcloud shutdown procedure 1 month ago
Zuul 2fb36cb5af Merge "Add tools to edit user-data server parameter" 4 weeks ago
Zuul 269b87d222 Merge "Set a default password for the ubuntu customized image" 4 weeks ago
Zuul c512120504 Merge "Wait for clout init to finish setting up network interfaces" 4 weeks ago
Zuul 812fc9016a Merge "Regenerate HTML report files after any test case execution" 4 weeks ago
Zuul 724cfbe3db Merge "Export typing for TestCase class" 4 weeks ago
Zuul bd59d1e84d Merge "Add Octavia faults workflow" 4 weeks ago
Zuul a856b83566 Merge "Moves RTD theme requirements definition" 4 weeks ago
Zuul fee9343ac0 Merge "Remove voting from requirements-check job" 4 weeks ago