124 Commits (master)

Author SHA1 Message Date
  Eduardo Olivares 8073f3ae5a Fix "raise error in case of timeout" task from tobiko-tox role 4 weeks ago
  Eduardo Olivares ce7e827c60 undercloud_ssh_hostname should include FQDN suffix 4 weeks ago
  Eduardo Olivares 84d8592c82 Force failure when test execution times out 1 month ago
  Eduardo Olivares e21d209587 Set undercloud_ssh_hostname on tobiko.conf 2 months ago
  Federico Ressi 60483d8eb9 Gate Tobiko projects running faults test cases 3 months ago
  Federico Ressi 7fcb7acbb3 Rerun test cases of the last verification step 3 months ago
  Federico Ressi 4d88f7d81a Update requirements 3 months ago
  Federico Ressi 3ce3c741e5 Switch to pytest test runner 4 months ago
  Federico Ressi 27e0ce5ef3 Add workflow for gating tobiko changes 4 months ago
  Federico Ressi 7d5d82d02e Fix --tobiko-refspec option in IR tobiko plugin 5 months ago
  Federico Ressi b9574a0aa4 Remove DevStack support from tobiko repository 7 months ago
  Federico Ressi 31a9a6e8e6 Add a timeout for workflow stages 7 months ago
  Eduardo Olivares 99ce6a399c Install python3 from correct repo with rhosp-RedHat-7.9 setups 7 months ago
  Federico Ressi a8fd02960c Ensure python-docutils package is installed 8 months ago
  pinikomarov 4767016bdc InstanceHa seperate from HA tests 8 months ago
  Federico Ressi c7d56d0213 Configure CI test cases timeouts 8 months ago
  pinikomarov 154c0981f5 add workflows create and check for octavia specific test scenarios 8 months ago
  pinikomarov 01153bbf7c fix workflow check resources faults into a dict 9 months ago
  pinikomarov afaf06f329 add check-resources-faults check for post upgrades/updates checks 9 months ago
  Federico Ressi be4ab43b37 Use InfraRed master version for RHEL 7 10 months ago
  Federico Ressi 5252001658 Introduce pre-commit hooks for linters verifications 10 months ago
  Federico Ressi 39cfc87676 Fix ansible-lint failures 10 months ago
  Federico Ressi a5d82af9c4 Avoid sudo's 'secure_path' value from affecting stack.sh/unstack.sh scripts 10 months ago
  Federico Ressi 2a1926ec96 Fix tobiko-devstack role 10 months ago
  Federico Ressi 43e88151b2 Fix copy of local.conf (permissions escalation) 10 months ago
  pinikomarov ef8453eddb Set default log to non debug, currently debugging tests is very difficult 10 months ago
  Federico Ressi 07e593f829 Rewrite Vagrant file using ansible and Centos 8 10 months ago
  Federico Ressi bb0a45ffde Update role tasks to reduce false 'changed' state 10 months ago
  Federico Ressi 846fd51a97 Handle non-RHOSP hosts without rescueing from an error. 10 months ago
  Federico Ressi 2c38d883bb Use special RHOSP vars files in tobiko-ensure-python3 role 10 months ago
  Federico Ressi 1702b42ff4 Automaticall use Python 3.8 IR patch when required 10 months ago
  Federico Ressi 711cfcb6ad Add py3 prefix to Python 3 platform vars files 10 months ago
  pinikomarov 31ce2569c1 Fix rhel optional repo not found and not reported as error 10 months ago
  Federico Ressi 12db48915f Enable rhel-7-server-optional-rpms repo 11 months ago
  Federico Ressi 38b58a6d0e Enforce using compiled python release on RHEL-7 by pinning 3.7 release 11 months ago
  Federico Ressi 15fa84f133 Compile Python3 on RHEL-7 11 months ago
  Federico Ressi d4b18155a4 Remove python3-devel package from RHEL-7 bindeps 11 months ago
  Federico Ressi 64308b3eb4 Add Fedora 32 IR jobs (with Python 3.8) 11 months ago
  Federico Ressi c85c3af404 Disable tempfs mounting on /tmp of Fedoras 11 months ago
  Federico Ressi 302a5711c5 Add support for Fedora 31 and Python 3.7 11 months ago
  Federico Ressi 2f95d7a975 Add support for ubuntu 20.04 LTS and Python 3.8 11 months ago
  Federico Ressi 9cf069dbb0 Remove support for Python2.7 on all upstream jobs 11 months ago
  Federico Ressi 077dc49e40 Move CI tasks from roles to infrared_plugin/roles 11 months ago
  Federico Ressi 293430cd65 Test Tobiko against Python 3.8.2 11 months ago
  Federico Ressi 71fee65f97 Avoid using tobiko-deploy for DevStack CI jobs 11 months ago
  Federico Ressi dfef18e978 Remove old IR plugin and old related CI tools 11 months ago
  Alex Katz 32c91c7264 Added --ignore-test-failures CLI flag 12 months ago
  Federico Ressi 92a2183d75 Add RH subscription manager support to role testing Vagrantfile 11 months ago
  Federico Ressi 92248c8506 Refactor test execution scripts 12 months ago
  Federico Ressi 9501f7589a Continue running workflow steps after step failures 12 months ago