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Federico Ressi 2e7e8b71e5 Create first dummy sanity test case 12 months ago
Federico Ressi 7dfeb04fcf Add docker client module 3 years ago
Federico Ressi 425fa52cbd Create new tobiko.http package 3 years ago
Federico Ressi 895602c93e Split tox environments requirements files 4 years ago
Federico Ressi 86bc764262 Make sure absolute_import is active in all modules. 4 years ago
Federico Ressi 49bf7997d0 Set base test class default attributes at class level. 4 years ago
abregman 6275e9a6e5 Move to template per test class 4 years ago
abregman 8bbc4c29cc Update clients code to support v3 auth 4 years ago
abregman dce03ca6ea Add files required for making this project a tempest plugin 4 years ago
abregman 31a6360210 Add two tests for testing instance connectivity 4 years ago
abregman 4b3a02a3cd Add initial structure 4 years ago