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19 Commits (9e1f318c81b43e5d86befb341bc6b34c3efaabc7)

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Federico Ressi af3ae474b7 Use ubuntu servers as LB members 12 months ago
Omer 0441b85491 Fix Octavia round robin traffic test error 1 year ago
Omer eafd39720a Fix traffic test - add curl timeout error 1 year ago
Omer d50765ad08 Add Octavia round robin waiter & exception 1 year ago
Omer d25e08e79e Add Active standby support 1 year ago
Omer c5b78df864 Refactor Octavia waiters module 1 year ago
Omer bdaa011323 Fix Octavia test_traffic instability 1 year ago
Federico Ressi 4e47800f30 Update wait_for_octavia_service function 1 year ago
Omer a89b220c98 Fix Octavia service unavailable error 1 year ago
Omer b1de529e88 Remove count_members variable from octavia tests 1 year ago
Omer 21e5cbff56 Use tobiko curl module in Octavia validators 1 year ago
Omer 44ad9e9e8e Add Octavia's main services manipulation test 1 year ago
oschwart cba4aed51e Add ssh_client option to Octavia validators module 2 years ago
oschwart 8fb625d1e8 Generalize and refactor Octavia waiters module 2 years ago
Gregory Thiemonge d4b125218a Add simple Octavia traffic scenario 3 years ago
Federico Ressi 1e5b02cd64 Update octavia client 3 years ago
Federico Ressi a4a3265afe Configure upstream DevStack CI jobs with Octavia 3 years ago
Nir Magnezi 885c98a403 Adds octavia client integration 3 years ago