11 Commits (b298c8843c75b0ea9ab133f6dcf79cffd03fbe40)

Author SHA1 Message Date
Federico Ressi b298c8843c Update cloud-init integration 7 months ago
Eduardo Olivares e91a08df90 Create bw limit qos test 8 months ago
Eduardo Olivares e18d15f4e4 Create the first qos basic test 8 months ago
Federico Ressi 66351ef4b1 Test CentOS Nova server with external network 10 months ago
Federico Ressi 5f0e732ea1 Reduce memory assigned to CentOS servers to 256MB 1 year ago
Federico Ressi 4179cebd0c Skip python3 package installation on CentOS servers 1 year ago
Federico Ressi ff29ed3d64 Increase default connection timeout for CentOS VMs from 400 to 800 seconds 1 year ago
Federico Ressi 1b84d5c385 Allow to specify a per-image SSH connection timeout 1 year ago
Federico Ressi 11227aba5d Switch to CentOS image version 8.2 1 year ago
Federico Ressi 1d90b2e3b3 Switch from CentOS 7 image to version 8 2 years ago
Federico Ressi ff2d87ce5c Add CentOS image and flavor fixtures 2 years ago