12 Commits (d65d80efdc11641336160e96d366abb8d33de537)

Author SHA1 Message Date
Federico Ressi d65d80efdc Add podman 1.6.0 source files and update requirements 8 months ago
Federico Ressi 76d1859695 Fix podman client integration 1 year ago
r 3fa7adcab1 osp16.2 >= icorporate podman-py api usage podman_ver3, where needed 1 year ago
Federico Ressi 6a56f0f0fb Let rename old podman varlink package as podman1 1 year ago
pini ee7bcb787f fix : || export podman_service=podman.socket && test -e /lib/systemd/system/io.podman.socket || export podman_socket_file=/run/podman/podman.sock && 1 year ago
r be99c8bf12 Fix for podman-varlink io.podman.socket': No such file or directory 1 year ago
Federico Ressi cecb2b1cde Add flake8 pre-commit hook 2 years ago
pinikomarov a1b21aec06 Add specific common tripleo container checks , and nova services, 2 years ago
pinikomarov b957f4a9c8 add tripleo containers health checks 2 years ago
pinikomarov 2a329a619c podman client add podman access via varlink commands 2 years ago
pkomarov e8eb4ff759 Fixes for podman client (client tunnel discovery, client creation and tests) 2 years ago
Hervé Beraud 008c9fcca0 Podman integration 3 years ago