Testing OpenStack upgrades
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Eduardo Olivares 84d8592c82 Force failure when test execution times out 5 months ago
glance Skip often failing SameHostNetworkTest and DifferentHostNetworkTest scenario test cases 8 months ago
heat Add debug logs to determine when a heat stack is deleted/created 5 months ago
keystone Update Nova server APIs an 6 months ago
neutron Stabilize ExternalPortTest.test_port_ips 5 months ago
nova Add support for 'crash' reboot method 6 months ago
octavia Add simple Octavia traffic scenario 2 years ago
openstackclient Openstack CLI tests failed on devstack 8 months ago
stacks Separate listener and pool stacks 5 months ago
tests Remove duplicated get_osp_version method 6 months ago
topology Try to use either docker or podman to obtain nova version 5 months ago
__init__.py Move tobiko test config to new tobiko.openstack package. 2 years ago
_client.py Add Keystone client API 2 years ago