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# Copyright (c) 2019 Red Hat, Inc.
# All Rights Reserved.
# Licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0 (the "License"); you may
# not use this file except in compliance with the License. You may obtain
# a copy of the License at
# Unless required by applicable law or agreed to in writing, software
# distributed under the License is distributed on an "AS IS" BASIS, WITHOUT
# WARRANTIES OR CONDITIONS OF ANY KIND, either express or implied. See the
# License for the specific language governing permissions and limitations
# under the License.
from __future__ import absolute_import
import os
import typing # noqa
import six
import tobiko
from tobiko import config
from tobiko.openstack import heat
from tobiko.openstack import neutron
from tobiko.openstack import nova
from tobiko.openstack.stacks import _hot
from tobiko.openstack.stacks import _neutron
from import ssh
from import sh
CONF = config.CONF
class KeyPairStackFixture(heat.HeatStackFixture):
template = _hot.heat_template_file('nova/key_pair.yaml')
key_file = tobiko.tobiko_config_path(CONF.tobiko.nova.key_file)
public_key = None
private_key = None
def setup_fixture(self):
super(KeyPairStackFixture, self).setup_fixture()
def read_keys(self):
with open(self.key_file, 'r') as fd:
self.private_key = as_str(
with open(self.key_file + '.pub', 'r') as fd:
self.public_key = as_str(
def create_key_file(self):
key_file = self.key_file
if not os.path.isfile(key_file):
key_dir = os.path.dirname(key_file)
sh.local_execute(['ssh-keygen', '-f', key_file, '-P', ''])
except sh.ShellCommandFailed:
if not os.path.isfile(key_file):
assert os.path.isfile(key_file)
class FlavorStackFixture(heat.HeatStackFixture):
template = _hot.heat_template_file('nova/flavor.yaml')
disk = None
ephemeral = None
extra_specs = None
is_public = None
name = None
rxtx_factor = None
swap = None
vcpus = None
class ServerStackFixture(heat.HeatStackFixture):
#: Heat template file
template = _hot.heat_template_file('nova/server.yaml')
#: stack with the key pair for the server instance
key_pair_stack = tobiko.required_setup_fixture(KeyPairStackFixture)
#: stack with the internal where the server port is created
network_stack = tobiko.required_setup_fixture(_neutron.NetworkStackFixture)
#: Glance image used to create a Nova server instance
image_fixture = None
def delete_stack(self, stack_id=None):
if self._outputs:
super(ServerStackFixture, self).delete_stack(stack_id=stack_id)
def image(self):
return self.image_fixture.image_id
def username(self):
"""username used to login to a Nova server instance"""
return self.image_fixture.username
def password(self):
"""password used to login to a Nova server instance"""
return self.image_fixture.password
# Stack used to create flavor for Nova server instance
flavor_stack = None
def flavor(self):
"""Flavor for Nova server instance"""
return self.flavor_stack.flavor_id
#: Whenever port security on internal network is enable
port_security_enabled = False
#: Security groups to be associated to network ports
security_groups = [] # type: typing.List[str]
def key_name(self):
return self.key_pair_stack.key_name
def network(self):
return self.network_stack.network_id
#: Floating IP network where the Neutron floating IP are created
def floating_network(self):
return self.network_stack.floating_network
def has_floating_ip(self):
return bool(self.floating_network)
def ssh_client(self):
return ssh.ssh_client(host=self.ip_address,
def ssh_command(self):
return ssh.ssh_command(host=self.ip_address,
def ip_address(self):
if self.has_floating_ip:
return self.floating_ip_address
return self.outputs.fixed_ips[0]['ip_address']
#: Schedule on different host that this Nova server instance ID
different_host = None
#: Schedule on same host as this Nova server instance ID
same_host = None
#: Scheduler group in which this Nova server is attached
def scheduler_group(self):
return None
def scheduler_hints(self):
scheduler_hints = {}
if self.different_host:
if self.same_host:
if self.scheduler_group:
return scheduler_hints
#: allow to retry creating server in case scheduler hits are not respected
retry_create = 3
expected_creted_status = {heat.CREATE_COMPLETE}
def validate_created_stack(self):
stack = super(ServerStackFixture, self).validate_created_stack()
return stack
def hypervisor_host(self):
return getattr(self.server_details, 'OS-EXT-SRV-ATTR:host')
def validate_scheduler_hints(self):
if self.scheduler_hints:
hypervisor = self.hypervisor_host
def validate_same_host_scheduler_hints(self, hypervisor):
if self.same_host:
different_host_hypervisors = nova.get_different_host_hypervisors(
self.same_host, hypervisor)
if different_host_hypervisors:
tobiko.skip("server {!r} of stack {!r} created on "
"different hypervisor host from servers:\n{!r}",
self.server_id, self.stack_name,
def validate_different_host_scheduler_hints(self, hypervisor):
if self.different_host:
same_host_hypervisors = nova.get_same_host_hypervisors(
self.different_host, hypervisor)
if same_host_hypervisors:
tobiko.skip("server {!r} of stack {!r} created on the same "
"hypervisor host as servers:\n{!r}",
self.server_id, self.stack_name,
def server_details(self):
return nova.get_server(self.server_id)
def port_details(self):
return neutron.get_port(self.port_id)
def getDetails(self):
# pylint: disable=W0212
details = super(ServerStackFixture, self).getDetails()
stack = self.get_stack()
if stack:
details[self.fixture_name + '.stack'] = (
self.details_content(get_json=lambda: stack._info))
if stack.stack_status == 'CREATE_COMPLETE':
details[self.fixture_name + '.server_details'] = (
get_json=lambda: self.server_details._info))
details[self.fixture_name + '.console_output'] = (
get_text=lambda: self.console_output))
return details
def details_content(self, **kwargs):
return tobiko.details_content(content_id=self.fixture_name, **kwargs)
max_console_output_length = 64 * 1024
def console_output(self):
return nova.get_console_output(server=self.server_id,
cloud_config = nova.cloud_config()
def user_data(self):
return nova.user_data(self.cloud_config)
class PeerServerStackFixture(ServerStackFixture):
"""Server witch networking access requires passing by a peer Nova server
has_floating_ip = False
#: Peer server used to reach this one
peer_stack = None
def ssh_client(self):
return ssh.ssh_client(host=self.ip_address,
def ssh_command(self):
proxy_command = self.peer_stack.ssh_command + [
'nc', self.ip_address, '22']
return ssh.ssh_command(host=self.ip_address,
def network(self):
@nova.skip_if_missing_hypervisors(count=2, state='up', status='enabled')
class DifferentHostServerStackFixture(PeerServerStackFixture):
def different_host(self):
return [self.peer_stack.server_id]
class SameHostServerStackFixture(PeerServerStackFixture):
def same_host(self):
return [self.peer_stack.server_id]
def as_str(text):
if isinstance(text, six.string_types):
return text
return text.decode()
class ServerGroupStackFixture(heat.HeatStackFixture):
template = _hot.heat_template_file('nova/server_group.yaml')
class AffinityServerGroupStackFixture(tobiko.SharedFixture):
server_group_stack = tobiko.required_setup_fixture(
def scheduler_group(self):
return self.server_group_stack.affinity_server_group_id
class AntiAffinityServerGroupStackFixture(tobiko.SharedFixture):
server_group_stack = tobiko.required_setup_fixture(
def scheduler_group(self):
return self.server_group_stack.anti_affinity_server_group_id