Testing OpenStack upgrades
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"""Error classes and wrappers for VarlinkError."""
from __future__ import absolute_import
from varlink import VarlinkError
class VarlinkErrorProxy(VarlinkError):
"""Class to Proxy VarlinkError methods."""
def __init__(self, message, namespaced=False):
"""Construct proxy from Exception."""
super().__init__(message.as_dict(), namespaced)
self._message = message
self.__module__ = 'libpod'
def __getattr__(self, method):
"""Return attribute from proxied Exception."""
if hasattr(self._message, method):
return getattr(self._message, method)
return self._message.parameters()[method]
except KeyError as ex:
raise AttributeError(
'No such attribute: {}'.format(method)) from ex
class ContainerNotFound(VarlinkErrorProxy):
"""Raised when Client cannot find requested container."""
class ImageNotFound(VarlinkErrorProxy):
"""Raised when Client cannot find requested image."""
class PodNotFound(VarlinkErrorProxy):
"""Raised when Client cannot find requested image."""
class PodContainerError(VarlinkErrorProxy):
"""Raised when a container fails requested pod operation."""
class NoContainerRunning(VarlinkErrorProxy):
"""Raised when no container is running in pod."""
class NoContainersInPod(VarlinkErrorProxy):
"""Raised when Client fails to connect to runtime."""
class ErrorOccurred(VarlinkErrorProxy):
"""Raised when an error occurs during the execution.
See error() to see actual error text.
class PodmanError(VarlinkErrorProxy):
"""Raised when Client fails to connect to runtime."""
class InvalidState(VarlinkErrorProxy):
"""Raised when container is in invalid state for operation."""
'io.podman.ContainerNotFound': ContainerNotFound,
'io.podman.ErrorOccurred': ErrorOccurred,
'io.podman.ImageNotFound': ImageNotFound,
'io.podman.InvalidState': InvalidState,
'io.podman.NoContainerRunning': NoContainerRunning,
'io.podman.NoContainersInPod': NoContainersInPod,
'io.podman.PodContainerError': PodContainerError,
'io.podman.PodNotFound': PodNotFound,
'io.podman.RuntimeError': PodmanError,
def error_factory(exception):
"""Map Exceptions to a discrete type."""
return ERROR_MAP[exception.error()](exception)
except KeyError:
return exception