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  OpenDev Sysadmins a4f79f6c96 OpenDev Migration Patch 1 day ago
  Zuul 8ca605bee2 Merge "Fix Log.exception format errors" 1 week ago
  Deepthi Kandavara Jayarama 586361584d [IPv6] Adding IPv6 external networks api tests 1 week ago
  Adit Sarfaty 4f1b7fb495 Fix Log.exception format errors 1 week ago
  Zuul 31e54a13e0 Merge "NSXP policy support for cert cases" 1 week ago
  Zuul e70721592f Merge "New Variable to check l2 gateway, Bridge type." 1 week ago
  Zuul 5191f6c710 Merge "[IPv6] Adding nsxp api port related tests for ipv6 Currently the tests are added for static ipv6 addressing root@prome-mdt-dhcp412:/opt/stack/tempest# ostestr --pdb vmware_nsx_tempest_plugin.tests.nsxv3.api.test_nsx_ipv6_ports.IPv6PortsTest /usr/local/lib/python2.7/dist-packages/cryptography/hazmat/primitives/constant_time.py:26: CryptographyDeprecationWarning: Support for your Python version is deprecated. The next version of cryptography will remove support. Please upgrade to a 2.7.x release that supports hmac.compare_digest as soon as possible. utils.PersistentlyDeprecated2018, {0} vmware_nsx_tempest_plugin.tests.nsxv3.api.test_nsx_ipv6_ports.IPv6PortsTest.test_create_ipv6_port_allowed_allocation_pools [7.504976s] ... ok {0} vmware_nsx_tempest_plugin.tests.nsxv3.api.test_nsx_ipv6_ports.IPv6PortsTest.test_create_port_with_no_securitygroups [7.530035s] ... ok {0} vmware_nsx_tempest_plugin.tests.nsxv3.api.test_nsx_ipv6_ports.IPv6PortsTest.test_create_show_delete_port_user_defined_mac [5.459784s] ... ok {0} vmware_nsx_tempest_plugin.tests.nsxv3.api.test_nsx_ipv6_ports.IPv6PortsTest.test_list_ports [0.352664s] ... ok {0} vmware_nsx_tempest_plugin.tests.nsxv3.api.test_nsx_ipv6_ports.IPv6PortsTest.test_port_list_filter_by_ip [11.957026s] ... ok {0} vmware_nsx_tempest_plugin.tests.nsxv3.api.test_nsx_ipv6_ports.IPv6PortsTest.test_port_list_filter_by_router_id [15.339687s] ... ok {0} vmware_nsx_tempest_plugin.tests.nsxv3.api.test_nsx_ipv6_ports.IPv6PortsTest.test_show_port [0.316986s] ... ok {0} vmware_nsx_tempest_plugin.tests.nsxv3.api.test_nsx_ipv6_ports.IPv6PortsTest.test_show_port_fields [0.288886s] ... ok {0} vmware_nsx_tempest_plugin.tests.nsxv3.api.test_nsx_ipv6_ports.IPv6PortsTest.test_update_port [8.879776s] ... ok {0} vmware_nsx_tempest_plugin.tests.nsxv3.api.test_nsx_ipv6_ports.IPv6PortsTest.test_update_port_with_security_group_and_extra_attributes [9.210824s] ... ok {0} vmware_nsx_tempest_plugin.tests.nsxv3.api.test_nsx_ipv6_ports.IPv6PortsTest.test_update_port_with_two_security_groups_and_extra_attributes [9.983922s] ... ok" 1 week ago
  Deepthi Kandavara Jayarama a11efec55f [IPv6] Adding nsxp api port related tests for ipv6 3 weeks ago
  Bharath bhushan patel dfba66e4dc cookie based persistence testcase & testcase for lb stats. 1 week ago
  Nilesh Lokhande b178cc94a0 New Variable to check l2 gateway, Bridge type. 1 week ago
  Bharath bhushan patel c6176492a2 Testcase to verify the SOURCE_IP session_persistence_profile 1 week ago
  Shubhamk Kadam 570833ca32 NSXP policy support for cert cases 1 week ago
  Nilesh Lokhande 4c4d34e231 Bridge Endpoint Profile changes. 2 weeks ago
  Zuul 011e157820 Merge "Added policy support for router_nonat , cert cases - All scenario nonot cases - one cert cases (test_prevention_modification_openstack_network)" 2 weeks ago
  Bharath bhushan patel dad8f4ece5 router creation was failing since there was not validation for nsxp in appliance manager 2 weeks ago
  Shubhamk Kadam 056d4cef50 Added policy support for router_nonat , cert cases 3 weeks ago
  Nilesh Lokhande a1bfeffefc T1 LR HA Relocation P0 testcase automation. 2 weeks ago
  Shubhamk Kadam e9e66c2531 NSX-P Automation Patch 2 months ago
  Deepthi Kandavara Jayarama 64daec3673 [Mac Learning API] : Making changes for nsxp 1 month ago
  Shubhamk Kadam e3f9cc7df7 Fix for lbaas scenario cases 1 month ago
  Shubhamk Kadam 55c7bfbb71 [Tempest]: Adding barbican cases 5 months ago
  Bharath bhushan patel 21d0729bbb Changes in testcases related to Fwaasv2, 1 month ago
  Bharath bhushan patel df4a772e0d changes for FWaaS scenarios in test_new_cases 5 months ago
  Puneet Arora ff80557648 Uniscale testcases for Provider vlan & vxlan networks 5 months ago
  Puneet Arora bac46c4cd5 [Tempest] Added uni-scale cases for below entites 5 months ago
  Zuul 2509554d48 Merge "fix tox python3 overrides" 6 months ago
  Zuul c467e3a169 Merge "Switch to non-deprecated find_test_caller in tempest.lib" 6 months ago
  Deepthi Kandavara Jayarama 938014c712 [Designate] Modified reverse dns lookup test 6 months ago
  Bharath bhushan patel c401e6bac7 Manager parsing for nsxv is added 6 months ago
  Zuul 81f45c9241 Merge "Handled routers attribute which was causing tempest failures. Attribute routers was not present under specific objects so handled it to be an empty list under class to avoid failure." 6 months ago
  qingszhao f10e1013c1 fix tox python3 overrides 6 months ago
  Zuul 08cf286e3b Merge "[Tempest] Revert back changes for logical resources" 6 months ago
  Puneet Arora 6863a975e1 [Tempest] Revert back changes for logical resources 6 months ago
  Felipe Monteiro 991fc6b510 Switch to non-deprecated find_test_caller in tempest.lib 9 months ago
  Zuul 9fcd051a96 Merge "[Designate] Fix for different format of nameserver" 7 months ago
  Zuul 85566481d6 Merge "[L2GW] Removing segmentation id in update l2 gw https://bugzilla.eng.vmware.com/show_bug.cgi?id=2069597" 7 months ago
  Puneet Arora 4eed718672 [Tempest]: Added Mdproxy cases 7 months ago
  Puneet Arora 0ff9fccfc9 [Tempest]: Added uni-dimenional scale cases 7 months ago
  Bharath bhushan patel e4d21ec667 Handled routers attribute which was causing tempest failures. 7 months ago
  Zuul 56fc4aef78 Merge "Patch to add some fixes - Due to upstream changes tempest cases were failing. This patch will fix all those issues. - Fix for qos cases which wrere failing due to recent changes" 7 months ago
  Zuul 5f9c14d111 Merge "[Tempest]: Added uni-dimensional scale cases for 1) Networks 2) Subnets 3) DHCP-bindings (Compute-ports) per network" 7 months ago
  Shubhamk Kadam 562dc10229 Patch to add some fixes 7 months ago
  Zuul 91a467bec0 Merge "Handled code for image_id, and some naming changes" 7 months ago
  Bharath b7adfd4381 Handled code for image_id, and some naming changes 8 months ago
  Deepthi Kandavara Jayarama 9464b28c3d [Designate] Fix for different format of nameserver 8 months ago
  Deepthi Kandavara Jayarama d1db5e8c5a [L2GW] Removing segmentation id in update l2 gw 8 months ago
  Deepthi Kandavara Jayarama b6fc1091eb [QOS]:Create ntwk to fail for invalid qos policies 8 months ago
  Puneet Arora 41bdf3937e [Tempest]: Added uni-dimensional scale cases for 8 months ago
  Puneet Arora c0570335f2 [Tempest]: Removing B109 command from testenv:bandit 8 months ago
  Deepthi Kandavara Jayarama f5bbbd368f [Designate] Adding few more designate tests 9 months ago