NSXV: LB-on-router bug release note

Add a RN to describe an issue with LB on router case.

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With NSXV plugin, deleting a router interface of a tenant subnet, which has
multiple routers attached, with use_routers_as_lbaas_platform enabled, in
the configuration may result with an error.
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The configuration flag use_routers_as_lbaas_platform enables reuse NSXV
edge appliances which are allocated to routers, for load balancing.
When this flag is enabled, and a loadbalancer is created on a tenant
network which has multiple attached routers, an error may occur while
deleting a router interface on the subnet. This could happen even though
the loadbalancer is hosted on a different router than the one which is used
by the loadbalancer.
To work around this, the loadbalancer should be removed prior to the
deletion of the router interface.