Add tarballs to install on RHOSP director for NSX integration

This patch provides code and documentation for installing puppet
modules and heat templates for allowing automated deployment of
the NSX-v3 plugin with RHOSP 13

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Setting up RHOSP13 director for NSX-T integration
This guide provides instruction for updating the following components
on RHOSP director:
- openstack-puppet
- openstack-tripleo-heat-templates
The tarballs nsx-rhosp-openstack-puppet.tar.gz and
nsx-rhosp-openstack-tripleo-heat-templates.tar.gz contain updated versions
for these components.
The following instructions provide detailed information regarding upgrading
software on the RHOSP director using these tarballs:
1. Download tarball in RHOSP directors home directory
2. Verify if an upgrade is needed:
$ test -e /usr/share/openstack-heat-tripleo-templates/docker/services/neutron-plugin-nsx.yaml && echo “OK” || echo “PATCH ME”
3. Copy both tarballs in /usr/share/openstack
$ sudo cp ~/nsx-rhosp-*.tar.gz /usr/share/openstack
4. Expand the archives
# cd /usr/share/openstack
# tar xzf nsx-rhosp-*.tar.gz

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