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Gary Kotton 0c3177235e VMware-NSX: update documentation to reference VMware-NSX 7 years ago
YAMAMOTO Takashi 3da8b8d381 test_dhcp_agent: Fix no-op tests 7 years ago
Gary Kotton ccbdf83d8d Update i18n translation for neutron.agents log msg's 7 years ago
Jacek Swiderski 5f53212853 mock.assert_called_once() is not a valid method 7 years ago
Gary Kotton 26707bdbe7 Remove @author(s) from copyright statements 7 years ago
Ihar Hrachyshka 4a36519393 Use jsonutils instead of stdlib json 7 years ago
Gary Kotton 836717c49a Add missing translation support 7 years ago
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Mark McClain 380b0e7db6 Rename Quantum to Neutron 8 years ago
Gary Kotton a958d944bc Remove locals() from strings substitutions 8 years ago
Monty Taylor a1d52dc22d Add common test base class to hold common things. 9 years ago
Monty Taylor c90977b4f6 Use testtools instead of unittest or unittest2. 9 years ago
Zhongyue Luo ec5cf7f4ab Logging module cleanup 9 years ago
Zhongyue Luo d2cdb6d093 Import order clean-up 9 years ago
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