21 Commits (253c1d147ca22d50fc87e873cc2d9e4d56b729e9)

Author SHA1 Message Date
  asarfaty 253c1d147c V2T Migration: Fix pre-flight validation 3 months ago
  asarfaty 37c383826b V2T migration: Validate direct vnic ports security disabled 3 months ago
  asarfaty c942003c68 V2T migration: more validations 3 months ago
  asarfaty bbee6e84e4 V2T migration: validate number of loadbalancers on a router 3 months ago
  asarfaty 95e67d45b9 V2T migration: Few validation fixing 4 months ago
  asarfaty 7c8a3338bb V2T migration: Fixing different resources 4 months ago
  asarfaty ef025e3c68 NSX|P: Router interface subnet must have a gateway 4 months ago
  asarfaty 65b0b6a6da V2T migration: Validate there are no non-neutron networks on the nsx 4 months ago
  asarfaty f5f04e0604 V2T migration: Set expected VIF id to compute ports 4 months ago
  asarfaty 48d7e653e7 V2T cmigration: Add validation on QoS limits 4 months ago
  asarfaty a671be4bbd V2T migration: Fix validation 4 months ago
  asarfaty d83242a1ff V2T migration: Add L2GW ids in validation error 4 months ago
  asarfaty 3da2d4b15f V2T migration: Fix validation error message 4 months ago
  asarfaty 248ba4d331 V2T migration: Admin utility for enable/disable route redistribution 5 months ago
  asarfaty c7a33f6a45 V2T migration: Skip public networks in validation 7 months ago
  asarfaty 63c7f2ecff V2T migration: add pre-flight checks 8 months ago
  asarfaty 63f944e915 V2T migration: remove irrelevant pre-flight checks 9 months ago
  asarfaty 3a5c2abc9b Add common code for network interfaces queries 2 years ago
  asarfaty c0b75bc8f3 Add octavia validations to Pre-migration checks admin utility 2 years ago
  Adit Sarfaty de50f5bcf3 Pre-migration checks admin utility 2 years ago