36 Commits (2ab5263905730d24558742833ca0ecf396b6a6e5)

Author SHA1 Message Date
Boden R 28c14f567e Update gate logic 5 years ago
Shih-Hao Li 8918b10b67 Move vmware_nsx/neutron/tests to vmware_nsx/tests 6 years ago
linb 2eb68aa2c3 Exclusive Router Support 7 years ago
Gary Kotton 3a96a43c53 VMware: fix gitreview 7 years ago
Doug Wiegley f8755e75e1 run_tests.sh OS X script fixes 7 years ago
Akihiro Motoki fb66625798 Provide a quick way to run flake8 7 years ago
Terry Wilson a40bb4f124 Restore ability to run functional tests with run_tests.sh 7 years ago
Sascha Peilicke e8f76135e6 Don't document non-existing flag '--hide-elapsed' 8 years ago
Justin Hammond f96ae3d517 Fix interprocess locks for run_tests.sh 8 years ago
Kui Shi 64a7c190f7 Don't need to init testr in run_tests.sh 8 years ago
Mark McClain 380b0e7db6 Rename Quantum to Neutron 8 years ago
Monty Taylor 5ec4eb55f1 Revert "Fix ./run_tests.sh --pep8" 8 years ago
Akihiro MOTOKI e20be9f5d2 Fix ./run_tests.sh --pep8 8 years ago
Tim Miller 1ae8d69645 Parallelize quantum unit testing: 9 years ago
Dan Prince 995f730f5a Make run_tests.sh pep8 conf match tox. 9 years ago
Matthew Treinish 8cce6e9dda Add an update option to run_tests.sh 9 years ago
Dan Prince 288a78f541 Don't force run_tests.sh pep8 only to use -N. 9 years ago
Zhongyue Luo fe5f711482 Exclude openstack-common from pep8 test 9 years ago
Yaguang Tang f38e909025 fix bug lp:1025526,update iniparser.py to accept empty value. 9 years ago
Yong Sheng Gong afb0b7b141 Introduce files from openstack common. 9 years ago
Monty Taylor 647bc8f57a Getting ready for the client split. 10 years ago
James E. Blair 803015c1d0 Base version.py on glance. 10 years ago
James E. Blair ad8c891335 Rename .quantum-venv to .venv. 10 years ago
Salvatore Orlando 4dfd9b0ff7 Bug #890028 10 years ago
Brad Hall 9bab0960b6 Second round of packaging changes 10 years ago
Brad Hall e4bb4c3f2c Fix for bug 877525 10 years ago
Salvatore Orlando ba0b2aeea1 Bug 887706 10 years ago
Tyler Smith 1fcde53d0e blueprint quantum-packaging 11 years ago
Brad Hall 8052bf68d4 Add code-coverage support to run_tests.sh (lp860160) 10 years ago
Brad Hall 2c59ecdc82 Merge from launchpad quantum/diablo branch: 10 years ago
James E. Blair 7b260d804c Get output from run_tests. 10 years ago
Shweta P a5d7c1a2df Changes to test structure. Adding pylint correctons. 10 years ago
Dan Wendlandt c7d323a2f9 undo unintentional formatting change in run_tests.sh 10 years ago
Dan Wendlandt 22f99cd650 refactoring testing code to support plugin tests 10 years ago
Salvatore Orlando d0cb0eea78 Work in progress - just starting 10 years ago
Santhosh 6458fa7cff Santhosh/Vinkesh | Added the testing framework. Moved the smoketest to tests/functional 10 years ago