15 Commits (8e6fcdae2b5cab1603d83bd1074ce80b4c6a7e1d)

Author SHA1 Message Date
Adit Sarfaty b362190d18 Remove invalid config from local.conf sample 3 years ago
Adit Sarfaty 868c56b511 NSX|V3: Skip icmp rule tempest test 3 years ago
Adit Sarfaty 8743d6881d NSX|V3: do not allow changing the external flag of a network 3 years ago
Vu Cong Tuan e6fd77ba33 Remove SCREEN_LOGDIR from devstack 4 years ago
Adit Sarfaty 5dac3f4a4c NSX|v3: DHCP Relay support 4 years ago
Adit Sarfaty 1dfc0fe59e NSX|v+v3: forbid multiple fixed ips in a port 4 years ago
Adit Sarfaty 1b33cae7d8 Skip DHCP options tests in v3 tempest 4 years ago
Shih-Hao Li 5cd1495665 NSXv3: Add support for secure metadata-proxy access 5 years ago
Tong Liu ac556ffc75 Add native DHCP config in nsxv3 sample local.conf 5 years ago
Shih-Hao Li 2c393582cd NSX|V3: validate if 'destination' exists 5 years ago
Tong Liu 51fb7028b3 Add sample local.conf for nsxv3 5 years ago
Akash Gangil cebfb2b5ef Follow the convention 6 years ago
Akash Gangil 22d9f34d91 Run selected api network tests 6 years ago
Aaron Rosen 124faf42f7 move devstackgaterc file to devstack/nsx_v3 6 years ago