A set of Neutron drivers for the VMware NSX.
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Zuul 09a05ef1bf Merge "NSXV: handle certificate bundles" 4 months ago
dynamic_routing use payloads for ROUTER_GATEWAY events 2 years ago
flowclassifier Fix broken Victoria branch 1 year ago
fwaas V2T migration: Update FWaaS group status from driver 6 months ago
ipam Remove some pylint exclusions 12 months ago
l2gateway Remove some pylint exclusions (part 2) 12 months ago
lbaas NSXV: handle certificate bundles 4 months ago
qos NSX|V3+P: Do not set default Qos policy on external networks 8 months ago
trunk NSX|P: Fix trunk driver detach calls 2 years ago
vpnaas Remove some pylint exclusions 12 months ago
__init__.py Fix the L2gw migration script 6 years ago