A set of Neutron drivers for the VMware NSX.
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Salvatore Orlando 18b84ee935 Relax IPAM validation for port IPs 5 months ago
common_plugin Relax IPAM validation for port IPs 4 months ago
db Fix broken DB unittests 2 years ago
dvs Revert "DVS: Disable port security and security group" 10 months ago
etc NSX|V: remove deprectaed vcns section 5 years ago
extension_drivers NSX|V3 use network dns_domain on port fqdn 3 years ago
extensions NSX|V3 add test for ipv4 cidr address pairs 10 months ago
nsx_p [NSX-P] Relax network update provider attribute validation 5 months ago
nsx_tvd NSX|V: Combine plugin & MD proxy unit tests 3 years ago
nsx_v NSXV: make service edge sizes configurable 7 months ago
nsx_v3 Relax IPAM validation for port IPs 4 months ago
nsxlib/mh Add coverage tests 1 year ago
osc Bump openstackclient & osc-lib version 2 years ago
services NSX|V3+P: Support UDP Octavia listeners 7 months ago
shell Fix nsx-p admin utility file location 9 months ago
__init__.py retire the NSX MH plugin 2 years ago
test_utils.py NSX|V: Add configuration validation 2 years ago