A set of Neutron drivers for the VMware NSX.
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# Copyright 2018 VMware, Inc.
# All Rights Reserved
# Licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0 (the "License"); you may
# not use this file except in compliance with the License. You may obtain
# a copy of the License at
# http://www.apache.org/licenses/LICENSE-2.0
# Unless required by applicable law or agreed to in writing, software
# distributed under the License is distributed on an "AS IS" BASIS, WITHOUT
# WARRANTIES OR CONDITIONS OF ANY KIND, either express or implied. See the
# License for the specific language governing permissions and limitations
# under the License.
from oslo_config import cfg
from oslo_log import log as logging
from neutron.agent.l3 import router_info
from neutron.common import config as neutron_config # noqa
from neutron_lib import constants as nl_constants
from neutron_lib import context as n_context
from neutron_lib.plugins import directory
LOG = logging.getLogger(__name__)
from neutron_fwaas.common import fwaas_constants
from neutron_fwaas.services.firewall.service_drivers.agents.l3reference \
import firewall_l3_agent_v2
except ImportError:
# FWaaS project no found
from vmware_nsx.services.fwaas.common import fwaas_mocks \
as firewall_l3_agent_v2
from vmware_nsx.services.fwaas.common import fwaas_mocks \
as fwaas_constants
class DummyAgentApi(object):
def is_router_in_namespace(self, router_id):
return True
class NsxFwaasCallbacksV2(firewall_l3_agent_v2.L3WithFWaaS):
"""Common NSX RPC callbacks for Firewall As A Service - V2."""
def __init__(self, with_rpc):
# The super code needs a configuration object with the neutron host
# and an agent_mode, which our driver doesn't use.
neutron_conf = cfg.CONF
neutron_conf.agent_mode = 'nsx'
self.with_rpc = with_rpc
super(NsxFwaasCallbacksV2, self).__init__(conf=neutron_conf)
self.agent_api = DummyAgentApi()
self.core_plugin = self._get_core_plugin()
def start_rpc_listeners(self, host, conf):
# Make sure RPC queue will be created only when needed
if not self.with_rpc:
return super(NsxFwaasCallbacksV2, self).start_rpc_listeners(host, conf)
def plugin_type(self):
def _get_core_plugin(self):
"""Get the NSX core plugin"""
core_plugin = directory.get_plugin()
if core_plugin.is_tvd_plugin():
# get the plugin that match this driver
core_plugin = core_plugin.get_plugin_by_type(
return core_plugin
# Override functions using the agent_api that is not used by our plugin
def _get_firewall_group_ports(self, context, firewall_group,
to_delete=False, require_new_plugin=False):
"""Returns in-namespace ports, either from firewall group dict if newer
version of plugin or from project routers otherwise.
NOTE: Vernacular move from "tenant" to "project" doesn't yet appear
as a key in router or firewall group objects.
fwg_port_ids = []
if self._has_port_insertion_fields(firewall_group):
if to_delete:
fwg_port_ids = firewall_group['del-port-ids']
fwg_port_ids = firewall_group['add-port-ids']
if (not firewall_group.get('del-port-ids') and
not firewall_group.get('add-port-ids') and
# No change in ports, but policy changed so all ports are
# relevant
fwg_port_ids = firewall_group['ports']
# Mark to the driver that this is not port deletion
firewall_group['last-port'] = False
elif not require_new_plugin:
routers = self._get_routers_in_project(
context, firewall_group['tenant_id'])
for router in routers:
if router.router['tenant_id'] == firewall_group['tenant_id']:
fwg_port_ids.extend([p['id'] for p in
# Return in-namespace port objects.
ports = self._get_in_ns_ports(fwg_port_ids, ignore_errors=to_delete)
# On illegal ports - change FW status to Error
if ports is None:
return ports
def _get_in_ns_ports(self, port_ids, ignore_errors=False):
"""Returns port objects in the local namespace, along with their
context = n_context.get_admin_context()
in_ns_ports = {} # This will be converted to a list later.
for port_id in port_ids:
# find the router of this port:
port = self.core_plugin.get_port(context, port_id)
# verify that this is a router interface port
if port['device_owner'] != nl_constants.DEVICE_OWNER_ROUTER_INTF:
if not ignore_errors:
LOG.error("NSX-V3 FWaaS V2 plugin does not support %s "
"ports", port['device_owner'])
# since this is a deletion of an illegal port, add this port
# with a dummy router so that the FWaaS plugin will notice the
# change and change the FW status.
rtr_info = 'Dummy'
router_id = port['device_id']
router = self.core_plugin.get_router(context, router_id)
rtr_info = self._router_dict_to_obj(router)
if rtr_info:
if rtr_info in in_ns_ports:
in_ns_ports[rtr_info] = [port_id]
return list(in_ns_ports.items())
def delete_firewall_group(self, context, firewall_group, host):
"""Handles RPC from plugin to delete a firewall group.
This method is overridden here in order to handle routers
in Error state without ports, and make sure those are deleted.
ports_for_fwg = self._get_firewall_group_ports(
context, firewall_group, to_delete=True)
if not ports_for_fwg:
# FW without ports should be deleted without calling the driver
context, firewall_group['id'])
return super(NsxFwaasCallbacksV2, self).delete_firewall_group(
context, firewall_group, host)
def _get_routers_in_project(self, context, project_id):
return self.core_plugin.get_routers(
filters={'project_id': [project_id]})
def _router_dict_to_obj(self, r):
# The callbacks expect a router-info object with an agent config
agent_conf = cfg.CONF
agent_conf.metadata_access_mark = '0x1'
return router_info.RouterInfo(
None, r['id'], router=r,
def get_port_fwg(self, context, port_id):
"""Return the firewall group of this port
if the FWaaS rules should be added to the backend router.
if not self.fwaas_enabled:
return False
ctx = context.elevated()
fwg_id = self._get_port_firewall_group_id(ctx, port_id)
if fwg_id is None:
# No FWaas Firewall was assigned to this port
# check the state of this firewall group
fwg = self._get_fw_group_from_plugin(ctx, fwg_id)
if fwg is not None:
if fwg.get('status') in (nl_constants.ERROR,
# Do not add rules of firewalls with errors
LOG.warning("Port %(port)s will not get rules from firewall "
"group %(fwg)s which is in %(status)s",
{'port': port_id, 'fwg': fwg_id,
'status': fwg['status']})
return fwg
def _get_fw_group_from_plugin(self, context, fwg_id):
# NOTE(asarfaty): currently there is no api to get a specific firewall
fwg_list = self.fwplugin_rpc.get_firewall_groups_for_project(context)
for fwg in fwg_list:
if fwg['id'] == fwg_id:
return fwg
def _get_port_firewall_group_id(self, context, port_id):
fw_plugin = directory.get_plugin(fwaas_constants.FIREWALL_V2)
if fw_plugin:
driver_db = fw_plugin.driver.firewall_db
return driver_db.get_fwg_attached_to_port(context, port_id)
def should_apply_firewall_to_router(self, context, router_id):
"""Return True if there are FWaaS rules that are attached to an
interface of the given router.
if not self.fwaas_enabled:
return False
ctx = context.elevated()
router_interfaces = self.core_plugin._get_router_interfaces(
ctx, router_id)
for port in router_interfaces:
fwg_id = self._get_port_firewall_group_id(ctx, port['id'])
if fwg_id:
# check the state of this firewall group
fwg = self._get_fw_group_from_plugin(ctx, fwg_id)
if fwg is not None:
if fwg.get('status') not in (nl_constants.ERROR,
# Found a router interface port with rules
return True
return False
def delete_port(self, context, port_id):
# Mark the FW group as inactive if this is the last port
fwg = self.get_port_fwg(context, port_id)
if (fwg and fwg.get('status') == nl_constants.ACTIVE and
len(fwg.get('ports', [])) <= 1):
context, fwg['id'], nl_constants.INACTIVE)
class NsxCommonv3FwaasCallbacksV2(NsxFwaasCallbacksV2):
"""NSX-V3+Policy RPC callbacks for Firewall As A Service - V2."""
def should_apply_firewall_to_router(self, context, router_id):
"""Return True if the FWaaS rules should be added to this router."""
if not super(NsxCommonv3FwaasCallbacksV2,
return False
# get all the relevant router info
ctx_elevated = context.elevated()
router_data = self.core_plugin.get_router(ctx_elevated, router_id)
if not router_data:
LOG.error("Couldn't read router %s data", router_id)
return False
# Check if the FWaaS driver supports this router
if not self.internal_driver.should_apply_firewall_to_router(
return False
return True
def router_with_fwg(self, context, router_interfaces):
for port in router_interfaces:
fwg = self.get_port_fwg(context, port['id'])
if fwg and fwg.get('status') == nl_constants.ACTIVE:
return True
return False