A set of Neutron drivers for the VMware NSX.
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asarfaty 2ab5263905 NSX|V: Fix error message for add router interface 5 months ago
__init__.py Fix the L2gw migration script 6 years ago
availability_zones.py NSX|P: Initial availability zone support 3 years ago
config.py NSXV: make service edge sizes configurable 5 months ago
driver_api.py NSXV+NSXV3: add support for pluggable extensions 5 years ago
exceptions.py [NSX-v3] Use bridge endpoint profiles for L2 gateways 2 years ago
l3_rpc_agent_api.py Stop sending notifications for router update/delete 5 years ago
locking.py Shorten stacktrace log on locks 12 months ago
managers.py TVD: LBaaS support 4 years ago
nsx_constants.py NSX|V3: prevent duplicate default FW sections 3 years ago
nsxv_constants.py NSXV: make service edge sizes configurable 5 months ago
profile.py NSXv: VDR interface operation performance 2 years ago
utils.py V2T migration: add pre-flight checks 9 months ago